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Diets and Training Complaints and reviews

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Dieting is the ingesting of food in a regulated way to achieve or keep a weight under control. In most cases dieting is used in combination with physical exercises like weight loss programs for those who are overweight or obese or like treatment during some gastrointestinal diseases. Some sportsmen, however, stick to a diet to gain weight (usually in the form of muscle bulk). Diets can also be ... Show more
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Martinsburg, West Virginia

Well my package was supposed to be here within one week and after waiting almost two weeks I called just to find out that it hasn't shipped because it never got charged (or so they said). However my account showed it was pending. So after talking with two different customer service people I was assured by both my order never got billed and they were not running my card again that they were just...

I have ordered 2 products from this company (insanity and les mills combat) and have had issues both times. With Insanity, this company kept charging me for products, even though I said no to every single one of the offers. When I called I was blown off and had to argue to get my refund. Then 2 weeks ago I ordered LES MILLs Combat, and it never came. I contacted the company 3 times and was told...
Grand Forks, North Dakota

We bought a Nordic Track 7700 from Sears and they said it was the same exact model as Nordic Track sells and that I could buy it from Nordic Track. I know companies change the quality, motor, etc. when selling to lower quality stores (sears does not have quality merchandise for the most part). He assured me that it was the same exact machine as Nordic Track and that I could buy the 7700 directly...
Warren, Michigan

I purchased the Herbalife Supplement Program back a few weeks ago. FedEx stated that my product was shipped and delivered but I never received my product. After countless phone calls spent on the phone with them, Herbalife never followed up with my complaint. I am now out $160 with no resolution in the future. I am less than thrilled I have had to deal with this situation and my distributor...
Miami, Florida

I was interested in the T25 program so I called Beachbody direct. WOW, some guy definitely not from the states, started to automatically add on products even after I said no over and over. $130 became over $200, he didn't listen just upsold and automatically added products I didn't want. He became angry when I told him to cancel it all then quickly hung up on me. Luckily no charges showed on my...
Charlotte, North Carolina

About a year ago I signed up for OrganicLiaison, Kirstie Alley's organic weight loss program. I didn't have much to lose, but I wanted something that fit in my lifestyle and eating plan. I cancelled the Rescue Me package after 45 days, but kept a basic membership because the meal planning tools and organic recipes were great. Last week they charged me for another months membership, then...

A few months back my fiance' and I started using the Brain Health Formula to help control our dyslexia and ADD. The stuff works great. He went to get another stock of it and he renewed my Gold Card Membership which costs $15. Well, he didn't have the card present at the time but the sales associate assured that it was renewed. Well, we go back to the same store at Joliet Louis Mall in Illinois....
Boerne, Texas

A fraudulent charge for $143.83 on my chase credit card. No one had that number except PayPal and the bank. I am in the process of contacting PayPal. Already cancelled the card. The bank will not pursue charges so this theft along with everyone else's will go unpunished. Very sad. Something is wrong when there are this many victims at one place. The first step will be to contact PayPal and...
Marietta, Georgia

You definitely don't get what you pay for. Even if you sign up for their monthly memberships to get discounts you don't get the instruction promised in clinics. The good instructors usually stay book and you are lucky to get 10 good minutes of real instruction out of a 30 minute lesson. I am exhausted complaining about it and hearing all the excuses and how they promise to get better. They...
Atlanta, Georgia

I put my son in a baseball camp at Dbat (Atlanta location) for the week. I signed up because of the detailed curriculum they promised to cover in the camp. After talking to my son daily, it turns out that the majority of the time was spent playing whiffle ball, kick ball, dodge ball, extended breaks/lunch, and movies. They never covered the bunting, and other specific instruction promised for...
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