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Dental Services Complaints and reviews

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Dentists diagnose, evaluate, prevent and treat disorders, diseases, or conditions of the oral cavity - teeth and tissues. They also give care advice in order to prevent future problems. The dentists provide instruction on flossing, brushing, diet, the use of fluorides, as well as other aspects of dental care. These doctors remove tooth decay, examine X rays, fill cavities, straighten teeth, place ... Show more
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Newhall, California

I paid $2k out of pocket + whatever my in insurance was charged to ruin my life. I will have both root canals (which I'm sure I didn't need done), that Western Dental did extracted next week. These ppl should go to jail. I'm so sick... I've lost hair, have arthritis and so many illnesses because of an infection I've had since getting this done! It's been 3 years. They didn't even prescribe...
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Affordable Dentures
Went in sat in chair for 1 1/2 hrs before they started pulling, by then the numbness wore off. They started anyway. Temps don't fit. No pain meds.
Santa Rosa, California

Came in last week with my cousin,  they took her in first then me. We both just wanted our wisdom teeth looked at to be removed. Asked me what type of exam I wanted. (Just my wisdom teeth looked at). They then proceeded to check my entire mouth. Telling me that I have cavities all over my mouth and need crowns. They proscribed meds for me, but called my cousins name.  Then said "no not u, her" .....
Harrington, Delaware

I went to have a partial top deture made. They took x-rays I didn't need. As they prepared the impression plates & goo, I asked if it was real cold, as my teeth are so sensitive, cold wiil send me through the roof, & she assured me they woud warm it for me. When she shoved it in my mouth, I almost cried, it was so cold & it hurt so badly. She said "I go it as wam as I could." OK, I...

Called Dental Health Experts for a tooth extractions, my husband's normal dentist doesn't do them. I got a quote of $89 for extraction and $59 for exam, made the appointment. No one said anything else about the extraction costing more. I was asked to pay before the procedure was done, couldn't read my receipt, didn't think about it. When I checked my credit card charges, they had charged me...
Central Islip, New York

I needed a broken tooth extracted, so I visited an oral surgeon. Little did I know, the place was crawling with cockroaches. The service was poor, they did not even get the whole tooth out. and provided no pain medication. I am in agony and they will not give me any pain medication to get through the next few day. I recommend you NEVER go to American Dental in Commack, NY. This will be the...
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Aspen Dental
I had 4 crowns done at the cost of $8000.00. Within 1yr 2 of the crowns came out. I went back to see what Could Be done And They Told Me It Would Cost $4000 to do It right..
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Aspen Dental
Terrible place.... Do not go to this practice!!!
From mobile #483463
Aspen Dental
was told that I would receive free x rays and check up if i had no insurance. they just sent me a bill for 187 dollars. this place needs to be shut down.
Northglenn, Colorado

Made the teeth to big and bulky!! Called the next day to ask for appointment to fix this and'i was told "there like a new pair of shoes just get used to them!!" These people are lousy and I will never go back! Nor will I say anything good about there company! And will never recommend anyone to them!! I was never contacted and told I can't get an appointment until 2weeks out, receptionist said...
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