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Dental Services Complaints and reviews

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Dentists diagnose, evaluate, prevent and treat disorders, diseases, or conditions of the oral cavity - teeth and tissues. They also give care advice in order to prevent future problems. The dentists provide instruction on flossing, brushing, diet, the use of fluorides, as well as other aspects of dental care. These doctors remove tooth decay, examine X rays, fill cavities, straighten teeth, place ... Show more
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Plainfield, New Hampshire

Went to aspen dental office in west Lebanon nh been there twice both times the waiting room was extremely full appointments seemed to be over booked staff seemed to be stressed.was inquiring about an implant for my son after negotiating a price that did not match what my former wife was quoted I was thinking about getting a quote for a front tooth for my self but maybe having second thoughts on...
Kissimmee, Florida

So far the dentures seem to be of OKAY quality (practically free so I wan't expecting Grade A quality) but good luck trying to talk to an actual human being on the phone! They don't communicate well at all!! I was scheduled to have extractions and an immediate denture put in on Wed, April 9 at 1:00. At my consultation the week before I stayed an extra HOUR after my appointment was done to confirm...
Waco, Texas

DISAPPOINTED!!! Paid for dentures in full a few years ago and was told that I was unable to get my permanent dentures due to additional dental work the Dentist thought I needed to have done. Went back several times and each time was told that I needed even more work performed by another Dentist. Recently my temporary cracked and I contacted the facility for my permanent dentures. Called at 8:00am...
Bellevue, Pennsylvania

I recently was seen at Katsur dental in west view plaza. I was supposed to have two back cavities filled in the back of my mouth and when I left the office I realized my front teeth were uneven and sensitive hrs later. The next morning I call and explained the problem they were very rude and as well very unprofessional! They scheduled me an appt for April 10 which is today to speak w the dentist....
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Went to get a replacement upper set of dentures after breaking mine. They were very friendly up to taking my money, but after that it became scary and horrible! Rupinder Mann, DMD, was beyond rude, she was pushy and argued with everyone who came in with a complaint. While I was there nearly everyone was there to complain about dentures they had gotten that did not fit, were made crooked.....ect....
Jacksonville, Florida

On two separate occasions, I have scheduled an appointment for my daughter and reported (with her) for the appointment only to be told that the appointment was on a different day than the day written on the appointment card and told to me by the scheduling employee. The first time I could overlook and forgive, the second time however the scheduling employee was rude and denied the mistake...
Douglasville, Georgia

I scheduled a teeth cleaning months in advance and my first time to use this facility in my local community of Douglasville, GA. They kept me waiting 2 hours before calling me back when I arrived 30 min prior to my appt time. I had expressed on 3 separate times to the staff to not perform any services for me beyond my copay and what my insurance allows and covers. They said my wait was due to...
San Antonio, Texas

First of all, try calling corporate offices in CA to file a verbal complaint...its impossible to even get someone on the phone. Beware of the $29 coupon..it is a lie...there is no cleaning whatsoever involved.The call center woman confirmed 3 times that this special includes a cleaning. Coupon states:New adult patients only. Services rendered same day. ADA Code 1110 cleaning in absence of...

I went to Western Dental in Tulare CA. I have bone loss and my teeth were becoming loose because of it. My teeth are very important to me and I did not want to walk around without any teeth. I went to Western Dental because they promised me that they could do everything in one day. By everything, I mean pulling my teeth and making me my upper denture plate in one day. My upper denture was...
San Rafael, Ca

From Marin County, California-- I've been waiting over 40 days for a pre-authorization to extract a wisdom tooth. I've spent 6-7 hours on the phone with representatives, the dentist, etc. Humana is demanding that the dentist first check my health insurance (does not cover dental) to see if they will pay any portion of the service. I've told the dental insurance representative that my health...
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