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Transportation and Delivery Complaints and reviews

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Delivery is the process of merchandise, goods and other cargo transportation. Most goods are delivered by special transportation companies and networks. There're well known delivery companies. Among them are UPS, FedEx, USPS and DHL. These delivery companies offer express transportation of goods within the country and internationally. Well established transportation and delivery firms offer goods ... Show more
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Mooresville, North Carolina

My husband drives for this company as a local delivery driver. He has experienced delivering expensive items to clients & per the companies policy they wont allow customers to open their freight to check for damage until they sign paperwork. This policy is horrible because not only does the customer not know what they are getting but the drivers aren't allowed to take the freight back. The...
Orlando, Florida

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On March 4, 2014, we requested moving service from moving associate Mr. Ernie McNab who represents himself as a sales associate with Transworld Van Lines. We were living in Orlando relocating to our new home less than one mile away. Transworld Van Lines’ slogan is “Florida’s Trust Mover”. They take pride in presenting their customers with ‘bids’ rather than ‘estimates’, claiming that although...
New York City, New York

To Whom It May: My name is Diana Clay, Job #B5431289. On 1/19/2013, I submitted a quote for relocating services. Spoke with AJ Keaton and booked and locked in price quote. I was also advised to make a deposit, to keep that rate. I received a called from one the representative. After speaking with him, getting a price quote, it seems like a great price. I placed a called in April to change my date...
Walnut Creek, California

LBC was my favorite cargo forwarder BEFORE since then and I use to patronize this company for their promptness in delivery however since the start of November 2013 even I was with the cut off time for Christmas to arrive the box sent to Manila still it did not reach until more than 60 days and had so many reasons. I sent another box last Feb.15, 2014 to Manila and still the box has not been...
Columbus, Ohio

Rented a truck from the Lancaster, Ohio location & they had the most rude staff I have encountered anywhere. My reservation was wrong & when I called to verify the girl was RUDE & gave me the managers phone #. I called the manager and she didn't want to be bothered. She had her dogs @ the groomer and told me to be there the next morning, but she was late. Lisa was trying to figure...
West Orange, New Jersey

USPS has went from my top shipping company to my least favorite lower than trash, for example it will say out for delivery from a town 5 minutes away literally and it never delivers on that day, on lucky days it will deliver the same day but at 8:00 Pm ! i mean who is expecting mail from USPS at that time , i live in a rough neighborhood so leaving my packages on my porch at 8 o'clock makes...
Indianapolis, Indiana

My wife and I were married in Dec 2013. We were receiving wedding gifts (Crate & Barrel) the following month. Multiple gifts were delivered by FedEx, USPS and UPS without incident until one day I found several Crate & Barrel boxes had thrown over our 8 foot high iron fence and down three steps. I took photos and recorded the shipping label information which showed that UPS had possession...
Zamboanga, Zamboanga

i sent a balikbayan box from california to zamboanga and they said it will took about 40 days to arrive in zamboanga.. its almost two months now and i still dont have it..i tracked it down its already here in zamboanga and its been 4 days now they still cant deliver it and the thing is they are just about 8 kilometers from our home. another issue is they dont have a business phone on their...
Denver, Colorado

I worked for Apollo Transfer for 5 years and never had an issue with my pay. I was able to choose trips that worked out for me and for the most part didn't have any issues with the dispatchers. I did know drivers that I came in contact with over the years that had issues regarding their pay but most were based on missing receipts or being over advanced during the week. I think most of these...

I have been employees at Conway freight for nearly 5 years. Almost at full pay scale. And true to there reputation, they make it extremely difficult to retain employment when you are at full pay or nearing it..I was terminated based on non factual events, they would not even listen to my points I was trying to make, I had hard evidence that their accusations were untrue and without merit,...
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