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Collection Agencies Complaints and reviews

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In the past few decades, lending financial institutions have become a common practice. Have no money, and the needs are great - go and get a loan! This is a generalized slogan of the present time financial establishments. And people go. However, not all the debtors are able to return their debts. Therefore, recently a new type of institutions has appeared - Collection agency. It is also known as ... Show more
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Braintree, Massachusetts

I used the pay phone at Braintree Station in Braintree, MA in an emergency. I used my credit card to connect using the instruction on the phone. It was connected for about 30 seconds only since I could not hear anything but garbled sound. Needless to say, I was not able to reach/talk to the other party I am trying to connect to. I just left and waited for the party to pick me up at the train...
Newtown, Pennsylvania

I recently received a bill from Convergent Outsourcing that I owe money to Verizon, who i never had an account with. Even though it is a small amount of money they want, I have been scammed before and will not fall for it again. After reviewing all the complaints and scam reports about this company, I really do not feel like having to call them and complain/ figure out the issue. I am hoping this...
From mobile #483363
Franklin Collection Service
I have been trying to get my unauthorized payment back and I have been getting the run around for two weeks. The agents are not helpful and will not return my calls.
From mobile #483362
Franklin Collection Service
I was offered a settlement and I took it and I made all my payments. Two days later the company made an unauthorized debit payment from my account. It's been two weeks and they won't return my calls.

in an attempt to pay off my student loan after being contacted by GC SERVICES i am extremely disappointed in their lies. when first contacted by one of their representatives they had told me that all fees were included and that any and all interested was in the final amount due. also that they would not be tacking on any additional fees or interested as long as my payments were on time and in the...
Cincinnati, Ohio

SPS took over my loan after I had agreed to a short sale with Bank of America. This was in December 2012. I had a contract signed with buyer and then we had to star over with SPS in January 2013. They had all the paperwork they needed to have it done by the end of January. However they continually delayed it for 5 months!! Then I lost the buyer because he was fed up. I agreed to do a Deed in...
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

My cell phone was not working and I needed to call a friend for a ride. While using a pay phone in Philadelphia 30th Street Station, I charged the call to my credit card. When I checked the cost, I was charged $20.08 for a two-minute local call by Legacy. This should have been maybe $2. There was no information in the recording or on the phone display fr what the charge shuld be. This is a real...

In the course of the conversation with myself and my wife telling us that we owed additional money for a so called vacation that we never took. We were contacted about the trip several times over the course of three years and told that we had a credit that could be used toward another trip. We made it very clear that we were not interested and told them to keep the 198.00 dollars we already...
Bellevue, Washington

These people are very unprofessional and rude. Immediately I began to be attacked and not helped. I tried to set up some type of payment arrangement and was not allowed to. After the women realized that I could not pay the full amount at that time. She began to add more fees to my balance. They make you feel terrible and helpless. Procollect needs to be SHUT DOWN!! They are violating the fair...
Parkway, California

Susan keeps calling my work And telling my coworkers I owe them money. I have asked her not to call but she tells me that if I don't want phone calls at work then I better answer the phone when she calls. This is making me angry. I don't want my coworkers to know my business. Don't get a loan from Susan. She will put you in debt and tell your coworkers about it. I think its illegal that...
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