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All modern commerce is founded on dealers’ work and cooperation. Any person or company who carries on business in purchasing, selling, supplying or distributing goods and dealing with a manufacturer and consumer simultaneously is a dealer in general meaning. Dealer’s work also includes work of contractor, company, co-operative society, broker, commission agent, auctioneer or any other mercantile ... Show more
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Greenfield, Wisconsin

Dealer complaint Me To gmprioritycare@gm.com Today at 10:55 AM Dear General Motors, I had an experience with one of your dealerships that I think you should be aware of John Paul’s Buick GMC 3615 S 108th St Greenfield, WI 53228 On Saturday 04/19/14 I took my 2004 Pontiac Grand Am in for service. Upon pickup on Tuesday 04/22/14 not everything was working as I had expected. There were issues with...
Manchester, England

After reading a lot of reviews online I tried to put my son off from buying his car from your dealership. Although the cars look in very good condition after driving them away from the dealership not even 6 miles up the road the engine management light appeared we was told to fill the car up with petrol so we did, once we had done that we noticed the cars petrol gage was dropping extremely...
From mobile #483958
Car Hop
ever since I've bought my car from car hop everything on my car has been falling apart I can barely afford to pay my car note because I'm paying for everything that is going wrong with this car
Los Angeles, California

Dont buy cars at auctions its a rip off they steal parts from cars and sell you junks. And charge you lots of money for it, you know even if it is a auction , salvage tittle , they should tell you the truth about the cars some of the cars aint worth it the fixing ,so dont waste your time and money , just go to s local dealer , and buy yourself a nice car with some warranties on it, i know you...
Bendigo, Victoria

the details on Bendigo Ford's Phone no. is incorrect it show's our home phone no. which we have had for at least 3 years also Brian Dunn Ford does not exist this problem started approx. 6weeks ago this error according to ASIC comes from your site(www.pissedconsumer.com) we have tried to contact google, ford, TIO etc, and have had no luck trying correct this can you fix it, please our home ph no....
Waterford Township, Michigan

This company most be run by criminals. Every thing they told me was a lie. Worst purchase of my life. They say help build your credit with little risk. No what they mean is as long as you keep paying us for new car we will build your credit. As soon as you don't want a new car from them they sue you and for money you don't even owe them. I would advise every one to find a car somewhere else. Do...

Don't believe a word these people tell you, they are liars! Bought a used rv from them and was told everything worked in it, then when we did a walk through, which we paid for, found out the radio didn't work, had to order a new one. The refrigerator didn't work, had to take it back the next day and order parts for it. Also found out the previous owner never took care of it in winter and they...
Manchester, England

Before purchasing my car I asked the salesman if the car had more than 6 months MOT and had more then months tax and a full service history. Obviously he was going to lie telling me the car has a full years MOT, full service history with BMW and had 11 months tax. The mileage was good beautiful car when I picked up the car it stated in the paper work I needed to go buy tax because the car had...
London, England

I need a new car and am doing my research which has obviously bought me here. I know there are always going to be good and bad reviews for every company and people are more likely to voice their opinion when they are angry but I'm not sure what to think. North Over have an Mercedes on their website that I like the look of but don't really trust them based on their reviews I have now read. Does...
Manchester, England

I recently purchased a car from you when talking to the salesman I asked if there would be car mats when picking up my vehicle he said yes no problem, my car also has a SAT nav installed I asked if the disc was in the vehicle yes of course when I collected the car there was no mats and no SAT nav disc I was so angry and upset! When I questioned this they said the cars never arrive with mats so...
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