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Credit Cards Complaints and reviews

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A credit card is a system of payment. It exists in the form of plastic card and is issued for citizens. The issuer lends money to the borrower. It is different from a charge card, since it does not require the balance to be paid off in full each month. It allows the consumer to 'revolve' his/her balance with the interest being charged. Almost all credit cards are issued by local banks or Credit ... Show more
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My wife got was 154.00 charge to her credit card. No sample Once you received send it back.Yes she has to pay shipping charges to and from. I like to know how these swiners have my phone number.

I'm not going to tell you that this is the first problem I have had with them, it was the last one though, that is for sure. The straw broke the camel's back this morning. I had to buy plane tickets this morning to fly up to see my mother, who I have not seen in over a year now, only to find Capital One rejecting my purchase because of, and I am NOT joking, a $1.25 shortage on my available...
Madison, Wisconsin

If AMEX makes your payment due on a Sunday, they expect the payment on a Sunday. I incorrectly assumed that the next business day would be acceptable. I also pay on-line via my bank and they will not process payments on Sunday. However, this does not matter to AMEX. Been a customer for 10 years and they charged me $32 in interest for making my payment on the next business day, which in my...

I received my replacement Chevron/Texaco cards on Wednesday. I noticed the activation decal mentioned that I could activate the cards online. I went to the website, I updated my information, and activated the card. The following day, about 4:30 PM, I attempted to use the card for a co-pay at my doctor's office. The card was declined. I called the customer service number for help. First, I was...
Bartow, Florida

I purchased a moneypak, after trying to reload several times, I keep seeing that the number is invalid. after a WEEK AND A HALF on the phone with these people, now they're saying that oh well... they couldn't resolve the issue, and I'm *** out of $100. I sent the receipt and moneypak several times, by fax, and by email. After it was finally recieved, now they're saying that the receipt (givin to...
Wall, South Dakota

I've been receiving phone calls from Prestige Payments Systems for about 8 months now for our company to use their credit processing system. I've been very nice and declined. After the 5th phone call from them I asked nicely to be taken off their call list. The calls continued coming. I continued asking them to take me off their call list, with more anger with every call. They continued to call...
Los Angeles, California

I am someone who is extremely crafty and likes to sell all of the awesome little things that I make. PayAnywhere is cool because it was free to download, super easy to use and helped get my little business off the ground. I finally found a very simple and convenient way to sell all of my creations to my neighbors, friends, family, etc! Plus: PayAnywhere is only taking like, 2.69% of every swipe,...

E business management tools are not really up to the mark as the guys at Moneris Solutions claim. They are actually fooling businessmen, in a smart way. Guys beware!!! Moneris Solutions’ widely advertised payment processing security facility is but ***! Have been in the industry for 18 years and cannot believe I trusted the service provider without cross checking their market credibility....

POS terminal by Federated Canada comes with a poor printer. It often jams up. This has been affecting my business badly.I purchased a POS for my retail store last week. The system worked fine for two days but ever since we’ve had trouble with each transaction we make. It broke down twiceduring peak hours. I think it cannot handle transactions in quick succession. I integrated online payment...
Memphis, Tennessee

First off my card has been blocked since 02-14-14, I have sent in a copy of my identity over 10xs who I am. Nothing is ever good enough. I've lost my home, my job, and etc.... I have never been so angry and frustrating in my life!!!! The supervisor never answer her direct contact number. Every time I send in something you guys ask for something different. Sent my license, proof of address,...
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