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Building Services Complaints and reviews

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Houses, apartments, factories, offices, schools, roads, and bridges are only some of the construction industry products. This industry's activities include the building of new structures, including site preparation, as well as additions and modifications to existing ones. The industry also includes maintenance, repair, and improvements on these structures. The construction industry is divided ... Show more
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Portland, Oregon

I am not a angie member and never will be. I am a flooring contractor in Portland Oregon and I was given a bad review for not doing work I was Not hired to do....yes... Husband call and wanted a quote for a repair, wood floor water damage.. I met him, reviewed the job and sent a estimate. I told him the job would have to wait so the floor could dry out. Weeks later the wife called and want to...

We spent over $50,000 on our pool last spring (2013). We were told by the salesman that certain things would be done and that he would see to it. Somehow we were caught in employee problems that left our pool construction unsupervised and incomplete for almost a month, and then little things that the salesman said would be done that were never done, such as replacing a temporary foam filler...
Dallas, Texas

Phoebe Rosa Lee Poe-Conklin shared a status. 2 hours ago . I will never ever buy a new house again ! As many times as we came over to see how the building was going, you really need to know what the building is suppose to look like and you need experience building something yourself. I even have a friend who builds custom homes in Ca. and I was sending her pictures and she is so gracious in...

Minto Community is unfair to minorities whether you're buying or renting. They collect monthly dues & then bill the minorities in the community to pay dues that are already paid. When the homeowners association is caught in a lie of trying to collect twice for the same fees they blame it on faulty recording keeping. It seems that faulty record keeping only affect the minority groups that...

I called Sears Home Service out for and estimate on replacing the main roof. This was around the 1st of January. The saleman promised everything top notch service and support. Going though the sale I had mentioned something to the salesman and he had acted like I had 3 heads and a hump back. No they wouldn't attempt a job like this untill the weather warmed up to about 40 to 50 degrees I didn't...
Broomfield, Colorado

I agree with most of the reviews here - once you close , you are basically all on your own. There is no service and no followup. I had a big issue with my flooring. They showed me a sample which I liked , but the floor they put in was very different from the sample. I tried to work with them for almost 2 months, but they kept bouncing me from one person to another and every response was a...
Atlanta, Georgia

Picture yourself buying a brand new home that you saved and sacrificed to acquire a new home. All new homes come with 1 year warranty that protects the homeowner from any prior oversights on the builders part. This builder doesn't respect the home owners warranty we are getting the run around on several issues. Recently i met with builder and he states he was informed by the investor Azab...
San Antonio, Texas

Our home was broken into so we ordered stronger doors and locks along with installation services. It took a month to special order the back French Doors. The installers found some parts missing in the locking mechanism but managed to get it somewhat installed. I checked and the door was not secure. Called the installer back out and they jerry rigged the door so it would lock and then top spun the...
Des Moines, Iowa

I inquired about fixing some problems with my driveway and found a company called "DRIVEWAY DOCTOR" in Des Moines, Iowa. Upon contacting ADAM COLLINS, he answered the phone as WESTERN WATERPROOFING. When I told him about the ad I saw for Driveway doctor he told me to call him on another number because the number I called was for the company he worked for. When I finally spoke to him he...
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