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Personal computers and laptops are widely used in our life to make easier the accomplishment of different tasks and jobs. It's impossible to use computer without operation system such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS and appropriate software that allows us to type documents, send e-mails, browse the Internet and play games. There're many IT companies offering their products, some of them are well-known ... Show more
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New York City, New York

Instantly charged for product that was out-of-stock. No update was sent to me and I was only informed of the delay after I made an inquiry. I instantly cancelled the order, but the company now refuses to issue a refund. This order was cancelled immediately after I learned it was out of stock. Although that cancellation was acknowledged by the company, they shipped something to me anyway. As soon...
Las Vegas, Nevada

My Kindle Fire HDX 7" 32GB was valued at $190 by ecyclebest. I sent it in to them using the box they provided. I've done this same process with gazelle 3-4 times with no problems. Well, I get a call today, and they tell me there is a small scuff or two on the back of the unit and that the market can fluctuate. So now my Kindle is worth $100. Seriously? We went from $190 to $100. Now the...
Phoenix, Arizona

My mother was having some problems with her computer, and clicked on a link to a supposed tech help center. When she called them for help, they said her PC, I-Pad,Mac, and wi-fi all had viruses, and that they could fix all of the problems with her computer. They obtained remote access to all of these devices, (probably installed their malware ***) and then charged her $1,499.00!!!! They used...
Houston, Texas

MISSING EQUIPMENT AT THIS POINT I WANT MY MONEY BACK RMA# : USX2428437, S/N: D3PTAS022246, Asus is terrible, MAD CUSTOMER I sent in my computer for repairs, the ASUS Transformer AiO P1801, over two month ago and I still don't have a computer. This thing cost me $1,464.79, it broke within 5 months of purchase and I sent it in for repairs, they sent back a CPU and no monitor or power cord, and the...

Blue hosting company, was hosting my website I first started with them January of 2013 paid for 3 years anything in a vanI called back in March of 2013 to get help to put K power button on the website the gentleman stated to me that I would need a certificate in order to do so and that would cost an additional $85 I paid it January of 2014 I started getting emails from this company stated I...
Newmarket, Ontario

I went to staples an wanted to print out a document from my usb flash drive.there were to employees there helping two separate customers. So I was ok with waiting. It after waiting for over 10 mins just at the counter, one of the employees was finished with a customer and didnt even ask me if I needed any assistants? I couldnt believe it!! She just walked back to her seat and didnt even bother to...

Asked to price match with Amazon. I provided the links to the product on Amazon.com and Staples.com. Live-chat rep agreed and asked me to go ahead and order and provide her the order number. I confirmed several times if the price match would be approved (the price difference was substantial). I proceeded to order and give her the order number. When I received the confirmation email it was a...

They were collecting a debt of over $500 from me. I wanted to do the right thing and pay them so we set up a payment plan where I would pay them $50 per month and they agreed to lower the debt to $400 if I made an immediate payment with my debit card. BIG MISTAKE. Never give these crooks any of your bank account information. They took the $50 that we agreed on and then in two weeks they...
Franklin, La

Me and my boyfriend and children was shopping in the toy department and my boyfriend found a walmart portable printer that they used to mark things down with. My boyfriend brought it to the counter in electronics department and he gave it to erin a associate. She said in a rude voice what are you talking about in a rude voice. As he was returning it to her. And this is not first time that this...
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