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Some read to think, they are few. Some read to write. They are numerous. Others read to speak about. They are most people. People get and exchange information from all possible sources. It could be internet, television, radio and personal conversations, by means of phones or social networks. Internet is similar to the automobile – it could drive you to the library, to café or to work- all depends ... Show more
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Unresponsive and disorganized Help Desk makes it difficult to resolve technical issues. New version of imdbpro renders pages from pull down menu unreadable on Samsung Tablet 2 because most of the page is pushed to the far right and only very left margin unreadable. Help Desk personnel had to be briefed each time about problem. One was rude enough to call my description "vague." Even after I...
Bakersfield, California

They over sale and under deliver! You would think that being a loyal client for five years would mean something! It doesn't go any where else but Z57. I am so disappointed! I have spent thousands of dollars in advertising this season only to have my site go down, then add insult to injury they charge me $200 to change "platforms" that will enhance my download times and make listings easier...
Naples, Florida

212 395 100 is the telephone number for Verizon Head Office in NY. If you call that number, and ask for the CEO, Lowell McAdam, they won't put you through. They won't let you speak to his assistant either. I guess they don't know how to use a phone. Did you know that if you have a tablet from Verizon that fails under warranty, they have the following, and only the following warranty policy:...

We have been getting calls from someone looking for a Mr. Freddy Green or a Mrs. Green. We have lived in this house with this phone number for 13 years and I keep telling the guy this but a couple of days later he calls back. One night I heard chickens in the background. I answer the phone and tell him there is no Freddy Green here and then he asks "what is your name"?I'm not *** enough to give...
Irvine, California

They told me that my internet service will be $19.99 a month and there will no be installation fee. So I agreed to sign up for their service. However, when I get the bill, they charged me $20.00 for installation and $30.00 a month for my internet service. When I called them regarding the bill; They said they never offer that price though I still have their ad stating in print $19.00 per month....
Daytona Beach Shores, Florida

The 2014 Brighthouse roll-out of all digital service in central Fla. is terrible! They should be ashamed to charge customers for what they provide. First, the new, main HD box kept needing to be rebooted to establish a signal with my HD flat-screen TV. After three service calls and a replacement box, the service tech told me "I'm not supposed to tell you this but the HDMI cables we supply are...
Somerville, Tennessee

Today I called Centurylink to disconnect my land line, I have been a loyal paying customer for 23 years. I have basic service with them and no longer need the land line. They informed me to stop service with them it would cost me $15.00. Outrageous and such a sneaky way to do business. How many others have they done this to? They also said I needed to pay balance right away and if there was...
New York, New York

Unfortunately, I joined Singlemuslim.com on April 13 for 1 month and paid fifty dollar fee. Before I had paid them, I had a free account in which I was constantly getting interest messages. Some were from Austrillia and others from Bangladesh. Since, I am from New York and I had no interest of travelling outside of America or even marrying any girl outside of America I didn't give no interest...

Bright House SUCKS!!!!!!!! I hope that no one goes with this company it is a worthless piece of *** and these people needs to get it together. My mother and I had the most terrible experience, the technicians don't want to work, my issues with them was the converters boxes, these new gadgets they're putting on TV's and it's a pain in the ***. They came out to install the boxes on Wed we had a...
Lowell, Massachusetts

We received 2 phone calls one right after the other this morning that I was able to trace back to phone # 202-506-9319 apparently out of DC. The female caller's English was not clear but we could pick out the words taxes, jail time and punishment. We hung up on her the first time , and she called right back with more threats. Since we have our taxes prepared professionally, we knew we had no...
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