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Children are the flowers of our life. From the very birth they need all the best in the world. Parents try to give their kids ultimate earthly blessings and good things of life, e.g. best surrounding, tutoring, education, health care, best food and clothes etc. The whole industry of children support has been founded. This industry is called out to serve children from their birth to their growth ... Show more
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Disgusting bathroom with urine *** and clogged toilets. Waivers that ask for your name, address, date of birth, and drivers license number. A means to identity theft and fraud. No custodian on staff on a Sunday night jam packed with families. From infants up. I would not let my child step foot in a restroom like that. People beware before you give away your personal information and check the...
Indianapolis, Indiana

We ordered our gokart from gokart usa it was sitting in drivway 13 days later. I saw these reviews after I put in the order. I was very worried waiting to see what would happen when it was delivered after reading them. But we didnt have any problems at all .go kart came bolted down in a metal frame very easy to put it togather as we are always working on our owen bikes. After rereading alot of...

she said they creidt me my $340.00 back into my bank account n well no they didnt I called my bank n they said that they never got it from disney I want my money back into my account bye today or im takening legal action well be made 4 yous.....Cancle my servies with yous? cuz Im never want stuff in the mail again from yous ever again this is a promise not a threat..Plus im disable cant afford...
Collierville, Tennessee

?Someone called cps on me and made false reports of child neglect and drug use. I was put through 7 drug tests that all had negative results. No trace of drugs at all. My case worker told me I obviously didn't have a drug problem but that she was granting temp custody to my children's dad (even though he was absent almost two years) and that I needed to place myself in rehab and attend n.a...
Bay City, Michigan

I have 3 young girls and spend hundreds of dollars every month at Justice. We have store near us in Auburn Hills Michigan and my experiences there are always wonderful. All the employees are very helpful and have great customer service. I receive emails from justice almost everyday with current sales etc... Today I decided to order online. When I tried to check out, the system will not let me...
Orlando, Florida

I had to use Web Site because I ordered a different size than local stores carried. It is supposed to 40% off today only and my card says I should get 10% off. I have been trying to calculate the price I was charged without success and only got 5% for my card. Would love the opportunity to discuss this issue. I am an avid Internet shopper, but will only shop in stores with this company. Please...
Madison, Wisconsin

First off, note that the business model for Rainbow is that they are the manufacturer, and license their marks for use by their 'locally-owned' dealers. And the dealers have iron-bound territories. So if you have a lousy dealer, you're screwed. Internet research shows that Rainbow itself doesn't care about how poor their dealers are. Some Rainbow showrooms have open-play times for a nominal fee....
Absecon, New Jersey

I have ordered from moolala several times without problems until this past Nov. I purchased a loom band kit with extra rubber bands and 2 storage containers for the loom bands. All were ordered on Nov. 24,2013 for Christmas presents for my daughter. I placed my order with Belleza with my vouchers from Moolala. I received 3 desperate e mails from Belleza thanking me for my order and confirming my...
Tampa, Florida

I purchased their "Arrow Hawk" 3.5 channel helicopter. Upon opening box we found the tail rotor to be broken. I sent two emails with no response. Tried calling their listed numbers and found that every single person within the entire company to be unavailable. With having gone through the RIGHT steps I retunedd to the store where the product was purchased. I did exchange the helicopter but I now...
Dallas, Texas

Every time we would ask a question he would barely answer. He did not use a welcome voice or offered any suggestions etc. we did not feel welcome at all. We were ready to buy my daughter a bed room set however we decided to do it online instead. He felt that he did not deserve our 1100 sale. Not a nice experience at all. I'm sure he never thought we were there to actually buy. He missed and the...
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