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Cash Services Complaints and reviews

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Cash Services are certain bank services, offered mostly to big business customers. Bank Cash Services solution helps business customers to fulfill their everyday currency deposit needs, and ensure them in regular currency supply required to perform the business. Bank Cash Services provide fast and accurate handling of the processing, verification, and crediting of cash deposits. The necessary ... Show more
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social security is awful-- everytime i call in i usually get some incomjpetent braindead *** on the phone with a bad attitude--usually a female. why can't social security hire decent people to work at their offices? the last female i got sounded like an angry black psychopath b*tch with a mental problem. why is she taking calls and talking to customers? social security office sucks! there are...
Englewood, Colorado

We have been sending money in small amounts (usually around $100) 2 or 3 times a year to our son in Canada. We have used Western Union to do this for the last 10 years or so and it always worked great. This is the only transaction we have ever done with Western Union. So suddenly they refuse to do it and say we have set off a security alert. They say we have now been banned from using their...
San Diego, California

I have been sending money through western union to m my sister for almost 20 years. in the last year or so, they started to hold the money through what they call the LEGAL DEPT. They request me to send a copy of my ID to them which I did a over 20 times. every time I send money, I go through This. Customer Service is very bad, its like they are reading a script, very apologetic with no results...
Humble, Texas

I being able to borrow this money would really be a big help to me but it turned out to be just the opposite. Having to live on fixed income this loan became a tremendous weight. I currently owe Castle 250.00 in principle on a 450.00 dollar loan. So far i have paid them over 1300.00 dollars. What I didn't realize was that they were taking 225.00 every month for the first five months with nothing...
San Francisco, California

I used to think Xoom was an amazing service - at least up until I had my first experience with them. I transferred $2999 to my family outside the US using Xoom on March 19, 2014. The transaction ID was: X061xxxxxxxx3230. The good news is that the money did transfer in a timely manner. Bad news is that I got hit by unanticipated fees. Now for the details: At the time of the transaction I used a...
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

told me put money on green dot, in good faith,took money and said my bank wouldn't allow transaction. I have since contacted FBI and BBB, and green dot is going after them .I hope something good comes out of it or im going hunting down in florida where they were out of.They should not be able to get away with this for as long as they have been doing it.The e-mails come with the company...

Hi. I sent money using WU Pay at monday and they said that my recipient will receive money in 1-3 Days. At friday i found that money wasn't delivered. All the time when i'am calling wu they told me that they didn't receive money, than that they received money but waiting confirmation from my bank, so i decided to cancel my order and not to deal with that *** anymore. They said money will be...
Detroit, Michigan

I received a call from a person speaking in a middle eastern accent stating that im being sued by us cash loan. I was very confuse and scared. I asked for the company number he wouldnt provide that info. He got real angry and told me if I dont pay that someone will come and arrest me. I got really scared and asked him what can I do to get this resolve. He told me to go to riteaid and purchase a...
Sydney, New South Wales

I applied for a small loan through ClearCash Australia early in the morning. Within half an hour i recieved the loan application email. This is what is included within the email: "It won't take long now for our verifications team to process your loan.... as little as one hour for applications submitted by 2:30pm*. If we need any further information we will be in contact.... otherwise if you are...
Grand Island, Nebraska

I had sent money to help out my girlfriend mother. But I wanted to make sure the money would be safe cause as you know sending money overseas has risk so I thought that the rules they have here are rules they apply everywhere it turns out that they don't in fact they told me their self over the phone that all you need to pick up the money in other countries is a valid government id and the...
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