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Ground Transportation - Trains, Buses Complaints and reviews

Ground Transportation - Trains, Buses reviews,Ground Transportation - Trains, Buses complaints reviews, file complaint, post Ground Transportation - Trains, Buses reviews, Read reports
Transportation is a vessel of any city. No city can survive without branched network of ground transportation like trains, metro or buses. Vehicles that refer to ground transportation are assigned to transport good. Many people use it at a time for some fixed price on some fixed routs according to schedules. At the same time such vehicles as school buses or excursion buses are not included to ... Show more
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From mobile #483471
The night I was suppose to get on the bus I went to jail.The ticket was for 2 passengers but only one person got on. May you please allow me to get on the bus tonight.

The bus I were travel BN 57 XH_ GP, number 612. From durban to pretoria was stinks like the toilet explod inside the bus. The coatch attendants tried unprofesional attempt to improve the bad smell by burning ensence. I was worried the bus will catch fire when one of the guy drop the ensense in the bus. On the way to pretoria the rain got stronger and passangers seat at the back sit start...
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The 9pm Philly to NY bus never came and the 8pm bus left full shortly after 9pm. Employees did not know when the 9pm bus was coming and after 10:20pm emploee told passengers the 11:50 bus would be the next bus to NYC. Employees demeanor was "stuff happens". One employee said he called the company 3 times and no one returned his call. I have ridden this bus on Sundays several times and it is...
Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Yesterday I took my very last Bolt ride. Your employees especially the dispatchers in the orange rate high on the list as the rudest and ineffectual I have seen. They resent being asked a question, never provide any info re delays etc. I wonder what their actual function is. Yesterday I arrived at 5 for a 5:45 bus. I was early because it is hard to judge how long it will take to get to the...
Columbus, Ohio

I went to High st and Nation BLVD where mega bus always leaves from, but it has changed to E spring st and 4th ave. I went to the other stop where the bus was leaving, but the I got there when the bus was leaving from the bus stop. The driver did not let me get onto the bus and he left me there. I am not planning to go anymore. I don't want to schedule to leave another day. I am not going to...
Providence, Rhode Island

Bus scheduled to leave at 12 am I was in the lobby at 11:30 never saw the bus at 11:50 was told the bus did not come then was told it was there at 11:45 since no one was out there they just left, I think if a bus advertises it leaves at 12 it should wait till 12 not leave people there, they told me I could get home at 3 pm the next day. At first I was surprised that not many people were on the...

After they were told that their numbers were a scam they had to return home very disappointed. I am very upset and disappointed too because I was looking forward to seeing them due to the fact that I had not seen them since the Christmas vacation. I am writing to you because I am very upset because the driver said that the numbers were a scam. Is this something that occur frequently? If this is...
Durham, North Carolina

If you're interested in a combination of sweat induced and crowded travel this is the perfect place for you! My favorite parts of the experiences were when the outlets didn't work and the obnoxious amount of sites that were blocked from their wifi. Yay for no netflix ... or youtube. Not to mention I was going to stand outside for 2 hours waiting for the bus in DC at 6:30 am when it was 30 degrees...
Charlotte, North Carolina

I am BRYANT ANYANGWE,RESERVATION NUMBER 84-5983-032914-M37-0830-CHR-WAS,EMAIL ADDRESS bryantanyangwe@rocketmail.com ,phone number 2404471771. Today 03/29/14,the driver of the mega bus refused that i cannot get in the bus to go to Washington DC AT 8:29:24 AM claiming i was late when i only needed to get in and have a seat.He forgot that i am late but after 8:30am but truely i was some seconds...
Los Angeles, California

FOX rent a car at LAX airport location stole my $150 deposit and never returned the amount to my credit card. I booked a compact car through a third party company in December, 2013. This is the worst experience I ever had with rental car company. I tried to call them for 3 months at the location and they never answered my calls. Anyone who had bad experience with the FOX rent a car at LAX airport...
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