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Building Products. During the process of building and repair, building materials and constructions undergo various physical-mechanical, physical and technological influences forces. Engineer-builder is required to considerably choose materials, products or constructions, which are stable, durable and safety enough for particular conditions. Building materials and products applied at building, ... Show more
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Behr Paint
I noticed you can't by regular latex behr anymore now its enamel and it suck its like using watercolors also runs easy guys why did you do this you had a great paint but not now

I have never dealt with a more aggressive sales pitch from the moment they pressured us to sign up at the home show and then the rude unprofessional sales person Backstory, my wife and I both went to the local home show a couple months ago and we were looking for a gutter guard for our new home that has large maple trees that filled our gutters last fall. We talked with all the like companies and...
Seattle, Washington

I have a 2012 Denali travel trailer. The window seal is leaking at the top. Upon further inspection the seam for the window seal on all the windows is at the top. This is where the leak is coming from. My guess is that this is just the first of many leks to come. It only makes sense to put the seam for the seal at the bottom as water flows down. To date KINRO will not return an calls from...
Georgetown, Texas

Upon bringing the vinyl plank flooring home and opening the boxes to acclimate, the first plank we took out had a huge glob of glue oozing out of the click & lock edge. The more planks we took out, the more defects we found: broken corners, scratches (on at least 20% of the planks), and big waves from the pallet straps. So we took the product back and attempted to get a full refund which...
Lone Tree, Colorado

The first shipment of wood was defective. One pallet had to be returned/replaced because it was mis-milled (off by 1/8-1/4"). Within six months of installation, the wood had shrunk, causing gaps in the flooring. Also, the water-based polyurethane protective coating had begun to peel away on the edges of the floorboards. I reported this to Lumber Liquidators on 2/14/14 and finally, on 3/28/14,...

Last July we bought bamboo flooring from Lumber Liquidators, allowed it to stay in our home for a month to acclimate the wood, and had their recommended installers put the flooring in. It now has gaps and is separating and cupping, and getting worse each day. Lumber Liquidators will not stand behind their 30 year warranty. As it turns out, we are not the only ones. Lumber Liquidators...
Latham, New York

Hello I am a very disappointed woman with Behr Stain. I purchased 5 gallons of the BEHR Premium 1-gal. Cedar Deep Base Weatherproofing Solid Color Wood Stain spring of 2013. I Applied 2 coats of Behr's stain to my deck and front porch and literally within one week the stain was wearing off. My deck was never stained before and was cleaned dry wood. Needless to say, my deck & front porch...
Saint Louis, Missouri

All of these complaints about AlSide products are not encouraging. About eleven years ago we had our siding, front door, patio door and six windows replaced with AlSide products by a contractor now no longer in business. In January we noticed one of the windows had a cracked, inside pane, causing moisture to build up between the windows. Several years ago the rollers on our patio door rusted...
Cincinnati, Ohio

Menards customer service ONLY communicates via US Mail. I sent in all the details two weeks ago and just received a copy of a letter that they sent to the door manufacturer, asking them to contact me about the issue. This could have been done in a day, via phone or email. None of the paperwork has ANY phone numbers. I just know we are going to get screwed on this. DO NOT buy any special order...

We had new Alside windows put in our house September 2013. The noise was incredible!! We contacted the guy who put them in and his response??-He's heard that windows 'whistle" and we never heard from him ever again. We should have been told about this problem/complaint, but we never were told. I went to Alside company and complained about the "whistling "in October 2013. The company did...
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