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Building Products Complaints and reviews

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Building Products. During the process of building and repair, building materials and constructions undergo various physical-mechanical, physical and technological influences forces. Engineer-builder is required to considerably choose materials, products or constructions, which are stable, durable and safety enough for particular conditions. Building materials and products applied at building, ... Show more
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Saint Louis, Missouri

All of these complaints about AlSide products are not encouraging. About eleven years ago we had our siding, front door, patio door and six windows replaced with AlSide products by a contractor now no longer in business. In January we noticed one of the windows had a cracked, inside pane, causing moisture to build up between the windows. Several years ago the rollers on our patio door rusted...
Cincinnati, Ohio

Menards customer service ONLY communicates via US Mail. I sent in all the details two weeks ago and just received a copy of a letter that they sent to the door manufacturer, asking them to contact me about the issue. This could have been done in a day, via phone or email. None of the paperwork has ANY phone numbers. I just know we are going to get screwed on this. DO NOT buy any special order...

We had new Alside windows put in our house September 2013. The noise was incredible!! We contacted the guy who put them in and his response??-He's heard that windows 'whistle" and we never heard from him ever again. We should have been told about this problem/complaint, but we never were told. I went to Alside company and complained about the "whistling "in October 2013. The company did...
Tarrytown, New York

We bought 6 gallons of the product and the 20 year old deck looked pretty darn good...until after winter. The product is blistering and peeling big time off the deck and the yard is a mess. I've got a deck now that looks awful and dried deck over paint strips and chips all over my yard. I will never, ever buy another Behr product again and I will tell all my friends to never buy a Behr product...
Woodbridge, Ontario

I walked into the Woodbridge Sherwin Williams Location and was welcomingly greeted by the part timer at this location. Was happy to help with any questions. Meanwhile the location got busy and there was only another woman there working. The manager of this branch was more concerned with babysitting his desk than helping his fellow employees in busy times during the day. He eventually came out and...

We ordered a carport from Coast to Coast, Inc. on October 11, 2013 from a dealer in Edgewood, Washington. (Sterling Automotive). We immediately had a contractor prepare our site for the carport. After 3 weeks, I called for the status of our carport. The Northwest Washington representative said they were waiting for the 12 gauge to arrive from their manufacturer, but it would be soon. Three...
Clarksville, Indiana

I had my pool installed in 1998, by Brummett. At the time I thought they did a good job. Kind of a strange, inbred family that quarrel a lot, but whatever. Since then, I've had a lot of problems....they were too lazy to remove some trash, and buried wood by the plumbing, and termites got after it. Took a few years to determine it was leaking somewhere, after my sidewalk and fence sunk six...
Boston, Massachusetts

Bought 150 sq ft of MorningStar Bamboo Flooring (then did research).Found out about excessive formaldehyde gassing complaints after installation. DID NOT INSTALL PRODUCT. Returned to my local store explaining my concerns - still charged me a 20% restocking fee. Employee was very rude - as if he had heard this complaint 100 times before (probably) - Bottom line: Do your research before you buy,...
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Menards encouraged us to buy Jeldwen because of their great service. HA! The windows are nice – the customer service is the worst I’ve ever encountered! If you buy from them, you better hope there’s never a problem with the order. Purchased custom order windows and patio door for full house remodel. Three windows developed stress cracks, 4th window (a slider) had rollers on the top instead of...

© craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap HWY 77 (google map) (yahoo map) I have approximately 2 tons of brown rubber mulch. I own an outdoor business and changing my store displays. Rubber mulch sells for $500+ / ton. My price is: $250/ton You come and pick it up $325/ton I will deliver to (DFW area) This is the ad that I responded to on Craigs list last Monday, March 17. I decided to buy the 2...
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