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Investment Brokerage Complaints and reviews

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A broker, a single person, or the brokerage firm completes any necessary legal paperwork, obtains the appropriate signatures, and collects money from the purchaser to give to the seller. Brokers are different from agents, since the agent is a person acting on behalf of a principal. A brokerage or a brokerage firm is a business that acts as a broker. Since the buyer and seller are employing the ... Show more
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Answered some obscure credit question from 8 years ago incorrectly. They made me scan my drivers license and social security card to them. Then 1 week later, they said they needed my wife's as well, but that I would have to mail those copies (front and back) because of a TYPO, which I did hesitantly… 1 WEEK later nothing… I called, they said it wasn't legible. LOL he was looking at a digital...
Los Angeles, California

This MAN is a crook!!!! He had me invest in his film project which was a total scam. and then had me invest in his oil wells. Both of which were total frauds. He has been contacting at least 3 others to my knowledge and his partners have been arrested by the FBI. It is only a matter of time. I looked up his record and he is a convicted Felon in California.DO NOT INVEST > IT IS A...

Will someone remind eTrade that it is 2014 and most people who might have a brokerage account might login through multiple devices from different locations in the world. I have to go to the American embassy to get some vague documentation that I am me before eTwads will unfreeze my account. Their security folks seem like mall cops. Totally suspicious idiots. I almost heard him say "aha" when I...

I have decided to post this compliant as I hope other consumers never have to go thought the stresses I have with Taylor Brunswick Group. I transferred my pension with them and when I looked into all the fees etc I soon noticed that they have been stealing huge lumps of my money. This made me start to carry out my own personal investigations to what was going on and I came information from my...

The Bloomfield Township Police would like to speak with anyone who may have invested with Sesi or JAC Investments. If you have any information, please contact the Bloomfield Township Police Department at 248-433-7755. Sam (Samuel Sesi) and Jessica (PinkSugarXO AdamLovie) are *** artists. They scam people out of money to use for travel, alcohol, drugs and entertainment. Buyer beware. Jessica...
Topeka, Kansas

​Ed Jones is notorious for keeping their rat claws in your money for as long as they can. Not only do they get paid quarterly for "managing" your money, but they also get paid every time you ask them to move it. They are instructed by headquarters to tap into your emotions, and if necessary, bring religion into it. The Ed Jones advisor in my area just made my grandmother cry this morning! My...
Newton, Iowa

Same as the other complaint. Funds from a class action law suit were rolled to Retirement Clearinghouse. It's a fraud and designed to steal money. This is an IRA and it's lost 10% every year TO MANAGEMENT FEES. I called to withdraw and was told there is a $50 dollar fee. You cannot reach them via the contact page on their website which I belive is intentional, they don't want a paper trail. ...
Los Angeles, California

I had a regular trade account, I was doing well, above average %. Sales person calls me from Etrade knowing I have quite a bit of amount in trading, they recommended some of it should be maybe managed account with their product. I ended up losing about $5000 on managed account which was well under average that market was doing. Unbelievable. Between my own trading and managed account there was...
West Point, Georgia

As of March 27, 2014, Equity Institutional is still playing games and holding accounts hostage instead of transferring out accounts in a timely manner. I was told that they would take six weeks to process a transfer. That is incredibly absurd. DO NOT USE Equity Institutional for your business. There are other, ethical firms out there that won't operate in such an unprofessional manner. The...
Cape Town, Western Cape

Unfortunately, competitors post anonymous blogs promoting false information about us. If you are in any doubt that we are a legitimate company, then why not pop into any one of our global offices to see for yourself. We run a very successful recruitment programme, if you have what it takes, then you could become part of the world’s leading and most regulated IFA. Visit our website to find out...
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