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A bank is a type of financial institution that acts as a payment agent for customers. It borrows and lends money. In the United States banks are not allowed to own non-financial companies. Banks operate as payment agents since they conduct checking or current accounts for customers, paying cheques, and collecting cheques deposited. These financial structures offer almost all types of payment ... Show more
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Des Moines, Iowa

I opened a Chase bank account last week with $6,500. I told them I was going out of town next week and needed a debit card. I was told that they did not give temp cards and that mine would be in the mail. I explained that I would need a way to access my funds, so they gave me an ATM card. Once I was out of town I went to get some cash from the ATM and was declined with the message to call my...

GE Capital Retail Money Bank/PayPal Smart Connect/PayPal have been using the United States Postal Service to "Defraud" the consumer. I have been dealing with this since 2011 & these "Crooked" corporations continue & our government gives them "Carte Blanc" that's right "Carte Blanc" to screw us royal! This is just a portion of what has been sent by me, this has been going on since 2011,...
Stuart, Florida

I have a paycard that my paychecks are deposited to. My last paycheck was deposited and there were 4 transactions at 4 different gas station in a city 150 miles from where I live for more than what my paycheck was. I called to file a dispute and have my card cancelled. They told me it would take 10 days and I can't get any of the money back until they complete the investigation. Then this account...
Columbus, Georgia

I went to make a deposit into my account a few weeks ago and one of the ladies was attending a Spanish speaking customer. While I was waiting in line one of the tellers I think his name was Derel or Derek was making fun of the lady and the client and was mumbling something in the line of "burritos" and "tacos". I happen to be bilingual and I was not raised in this country, I find this very...
Anderson, South Carolina

I believe First Citizens Bank is operated by some fairly incompetent employees. I will start by saying getting the auto loan was fast and easy but that is the only part that was and it has quickly gone downhill from there. Recently we get a mailed notice on a personal account they withdrew our car loan payment that we normally do not pay our loan from. This overdrew that account and they were...
Anderson, South Carolina

You may get dripping sweetness from this person but we feel it is to hide the incompetency of this person. We opened a business account and one personal account and requested that we access them both online. The business account took 3 calls to Aimee McDermott to get set up correctly. The personal account was never completed for online access by Aimee McDermott. She set it up incorrectly the...
New York City, New York

I had just lost my job, and found some solace in knowing I had a $50 Perk Reward waiting to be cashed out. The day I tried to access my account to log in, the site was down. I thought it was probably just for routine maintenance, and didn't think much of it. I tried logging in again a few hours later and was greeted with a message saying PerkStreet was ceasing operations, and no further perk...
Anderson, South Carolina

First Citizens Bank in Anderson SC flatly refused to give our business a letter we needed (per white collar crimes unit) to file felony wire fraud charges against a vendor. The vendor was wired $3170 and did not adhere to their contract and refused to refund the money. After speaking with the Sherrifs office in Anderson County, I was instructed to get a letter from the bank stating I notified...
Anderson, South Carolina

First Citizen Bank in Anderson SC seemed like what we were looking for as a business bank and they claimed to understand personal service. That quickly turned sour when we had a vendor overcharge us for close to $900. We went to the branch and submitted the chargeback to Aimee McDermott and waited. After @ a week, she stated that due to the fact I had done business with this vendor in the past,...
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