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Car isn’t a luxury any more, but an affordable vehicle, which is used for serving average man’s needs. But cars, in their turn, also need to get appropriate services. Repairs, parts change, maintenance, fuel, depreciation, injury, driving time, parking fees, tire replacement, taxes, and insurance-all these services have to be completed to enjoy driving without problems. Renting a car – is a way ... Show more
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Worthing, England

I left a deposit for the vehicle I wanted. I later on found some more reviews online and thought that I would be better off going to main dealer. I called the company within half an hour of leaving the site and I was told by the (rude) sales man that I was unable to get my money back. He refused to explain why I could not have my money back saying that "that was the end of that". I was astounded...
Cleveland, Ohio

I purchased a used Rialta two weeks ago and left with the promise that they would repair or replace the generator that they removed . I have had no response from the service department or the salesman after several attempts. I need to have this resolved quickly. North Canton store Mark Hoover salesperson.The Rialta was checked out for$850 .If they cannot repair/replace it I want a settlement of...
Delhi, Delhi

Sir, I booked a new Honda AMAZE /1.2 i-VTECH /(SMT) / Urban Titanium car on 08.11.2013 and was promised in writing by the dealer to give the delivery in the first week of January,2014. But the things as were promised did not happen and I waited for another two months till I finally got a delivery of the car on 09.03.2014 bearing Chasis no. MAKDF155BEN012845 and Engine no. L12B33325805 from the...

I needed my awning fabric replaced and Camping World was on along the route. They quoted $340 and a "special" Good Sam member installation fee of $39. This seemed fair until they started adding "shop fees" and previously non-disclosed $95 shipping fees for product they were scheduled to have in the store as regular inventory. No thanks. Called the dealership where I purchased the trailer. ...
San Francisco, California

Just an hour ago; April 10th 2014, pull in the Ampco at 1650 mission st garage, sf ca 94103, wIt for the ticket, got the ticket from the employee give him the keys, he actually throw the keys onto the hoods of my car, I told the keys right way and question him why he did that, his responds; if you don't like it, get the fxxk out, park somewhere else, I just walk out, got back in 19 minutes, check...

On March 6th, 2014- around 6:30 in the morning, i was heading to corporate office for training during that day, ussually my work location its within 10 miles from my home. I was going at the left lane next to the HOV+ lane. I saw a VDOT vehicle on the right shoulder who was forcing his way through traffic to get to the left shoulder. When the vehicle approached my lane i led him pass. once he...
Yakima, Washington

We purchased a $50,000+Wildcat Forest River 2013. The day we drove it off the lot the problems started-Blinds fell off, TV fell off the rising stand, water leakage from under kitchen sink 2 times, hot/cold knobs reversed bathroom, dead bolt lock didn't match the keys, under carriage material cut for water leak but then only duct taped, windows leaked on the inside, sliding mirror doors-bedroom...

I have 2009 f-150 lariat with 31,000 mi,this winter i saw stains in the rear headliner after checking in a hard rain it was soaked also have water driping from the pass side pull handle.after reading forms i found out the rear leak is the third brake light and front is from the siris antena.going to dealer this week for driver side door actuator and upper control arms.I have extended warranty til...
Jacksonville, North Carolina

Google " Nissan timing chain" This concerns all of us. Safety & $$$. If have we ALL raise a stink maybe they'll address this problem Plus boycott them until we an answer. Nissan is ignoring this whole issue. Too many vehicles riding around with this being a REAL safety issue. WOW, Nissan shame on you. Insiders (All dealers and Car Magazines) know of this. It will affect your trade-in,...
Fort Myers, Florida

After many calls 15 hours of time, $, One trip to Ups to copy forms, 4 trips to Sam Galloway Direct route 41 Fort Myers F L A trip to the FL Department of Public Safety. With a 3:00 hour wait. I was told by the Ohio Title burro They have no record of a title or plate request for my car. I have been on the phone since 9:00am it is now 2:45pm. I talked to Rita @ 239-274-2426. She stated They...
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