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Auto Financing Complaints and reviews

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At the present time, it is not a problem to get a car. There are two ways of getting a vehicle. First, you pay cash if there is a decent sum of money. Second, you either take out a loan or enter into a lease agreement to pay for your car. Since not everyone is able to pay thousands of dollars at a time, then it is better to learn more about auto financing options. The traditional car financing ... Show more
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Los Angeles, California

It's been several weeks since I paid my car off, but haven't received a title or lien of release. I have called them numerous times, but every time, they just say that they have sent it out, but that was weeks ago. A couple of representatives told me that I needed to go to the DMV because I live in an electronic state, while a couple more tell me that they send out the title themselves. Well,...
Atlanta, Georgia

Greetings, We apologize for the mechanical issues you have been having with your vehicle. DriveTime inspects and reconditions all of our vehicles before purchase. However, with a used vehicle it is not possible to predict new failures after purchase. DriveTime includes a vehicle Protection Plan with our lease vehicles to assist with these repairs. If you would like to discuss this matter further...

I returned my leased Volkswagen early to lease another Volkswagen. Old Lease: 36 months for 36,000 miles. At the time of return: 24 months - 34,000 miles - Payments were made for 36 months (fully paid off). 24 months by me and the 12 months by the dealer (technically me since i'm paying extra than I have to on the new lease). I am getting screwed by both the dealer and VW credit. VW credit is...

I filed Chapter 7 BK, and had informed the attorney I intended to keep the car. He advised against signing a reafirmation agreement, because if i ever wanted to walk away from the car I could. Being that you trust your attorney to provide you with accurate information, I did not sign the reafirmation. I paid all my payments on time, and the other day, some A**hol* from the recovery company...
Mexico, Missouri

While like most people my husband and I are doing our best to make ends meat . We have a bi-weekly payment setup threw cnac . Or payments are due Fridays .we mailed a check that day the man who called me who has physically threatened me and my husband in the past said that a check was not acceptable they wanted payment on the spot . Which wasn't gonna happen bc the paychecks wouldn't hit the bank...

Today I called CNAC, bc my payments fell way behind because of a job loss. I could barely feed my family for a few months. I just found a new job and was tring to straighten things out. "Amanda" from Cnac in parkersburg WV. Said it was fine and we worked out a payent system. Well about an hour later she called me back, practically yelling saying they're coming to get it, and she has done some...
Spokane, Washington

Okay So in April of 2013 I have financed a car through Wells Fargo from North Dakota. I made every payment on time until September 2013 when we decided to move back home (Washington State). So of course we moved home had no jobs no income and I had become 3 months late on my payment(now I know I signed the contract blah blah blah. But All I needed was a week and I would have been able to pay it...

never ever use this company. I was client that paid my car loan on time..and I was harassed for 7 years, my family and my employer. they called days before the loan was due to everyone that I listed for my references this was embarrassing...I did file a complaint with the Illinois attorney general. I just paid my loan off and they did every thing in their power to block me from paying off my...
Sterling, Virginia

WestLake Financial continued to direct debit my acct AFTER I paid my account off IN FULL. Which caused multiple overdrafts to my acct. When contacting them about this the customer service was extremely poor. Not only did they refuse to admit they were in the wrong. They said it would take 21 business days for them to send me a paper check for the over payment. And my overdraft fees will NOT be...

Friendly Finance loaned me $11,000.00 in 2008, missed a few payments during some financial setbacks, they granted extensions but the late payment fees kept adding up. One day they were working with me, then out of the blue they decide to not except my $300 payment and demand additional $800 threatening to sue if I don't pay immediately. I didn't have nor had anyone to barrow from so now looking...
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