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Auctions and Internet Stores Complaints and reviews

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Online auctions are very similar to regular auction where people can buy and sell any goods by offering them up for bid, taking bids, and then selling the item to the winning bidder. Basically, an auction is a way of selling a product at its maximum variable price at the moment. Besides archiving the final goal of buying or selling something, the process itself can be very exciting and funny! ... Show more
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Orlando, Florida

I have been a customer of RCI Auctions for a couple of years and have successfully won several items at very good deals. Recently I won 2 items from the Florida branch and paid for such. I requested shipping on items and wanted the shipping amounts because several times the shipping has been too high to make the items of any value and I just request that they dispose of the purchased items. After...

Steve Zarelli wrote in his autograph blog recently " Experienced autograph collectors have known for a long time charity auctions are a minefield of bad autographs." It is possible that some autographs sold for charity may just be secretarial, autopen, or printed. Experienced autograph collectors avoid charity auctions because there are no bargains, people overpay because they feel good knowing...

In mid summer 2011 this *** GEORGE9785 left me a negative feedback because he claims he waited four days for me to leave him feedback. I figured the item would take 3-5 days to be delivered so I wanted to wait and make certain the transaction was 100% complete before leaving any feedback. George B. is a nut and he has anger issues. After reading over some of the online complaints I decided to...

bought stainless steel fitting from company which sent different fitting. Opened ebay dispute with ebay (ebay moneyback guarantee) Company had me ship fitting back. shipping cost more than fitting. that was February 14, 2014 It is now April 14, 2014 and I have not recieved the item and have paid for it twice by paying return shipping abroad. Ebay closed the case. said "it timed out" The So-called...
Cambria Heights, New York

I was at the carle place store on April 12, 2014 @7:43 pm.While I was there I had a problem with a one of the associates named Tyler.as I stood on line I was speaking with one of my family members and she was before me and Tyler was throwing all her purchases in the bag and she stated too Tyler about throwing her stuff in the bag and Tyler stated it's not that serious. I then stated that's not...
Chicago, Illinois

I find it odd that your website only gives the option to "file a complaint". Seems a little negative, don't you think ? . . . In fact, I am praising a manager Frank and an assistant Jim at your Elgin, IL. store. On Saturday we purchased some wicker furniture and the assistance provided by both men was very commendable. First was Frank who moved the furniture to our vehicle and then, when I...
Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Susan Hale, DBA BIZZY Bags and Gifts, Brokmom, and Hales's Leather. Has taken 2 1/2 years to ship me $1500 worth of merchandise out of the $1800 she owed me. She still owes $300 worth and refuses to ship the rest. I have documented proof, bank statements, emails and PM's from her where she admits owing me, promises of delivery and then statements declaring her intention of NOT sending the...

My complaint is towards Willie McCoy (Hammertime Auctions). I have contacted several times letting him know of items missing and the extra postage I got charged. I also had to ask several times for the invoice from the auction and took a month to get. Auction was back in February and it is now April and I still haven't received a refund or the products I paid for. The packaging was horrible...
Port Arthur, Texas

I went online to price a "Frozen Figure 6pc. Set". It was priced at $24.99 with Prime shipping available. I went back the next day 4-9-14 and the price has been increased to &$29.99 plus $7.98 shipping. This is almost a 50% price increase overnight. I've seen pricing change quickly on items I've looked at then come back later to a higher price. It seems to me that is odd that pricing...
Omaha, Nebraska

Last Christmas my wife got a $25 gift card from her daughter-in-law in Arizona, we live in Omaha, Ne. My wife has a Kindle and was going to use the gift card until it stated it was not valid. We called Amazon.com Customer Service and what a joke . They wanted us to scan the GC , which we did and email it. They donot have a valid email address so my wife called back and the rep. stated they will...
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