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Construction Complaints and reviews

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Building starts after the process of planning. We make a plan, afterwards embody it. It needs construction, beautification of surrounding, etc. After some time a building probably will need also repair services. Building is a process of object construction made from different materials for various needs. Beautification supposes improvement of buildings, streets, whole cities appearance by ... Show more
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Mr. Joseph Volgyi has managed to demonstrate poor judgement in the past... but his most recent lapse of judgement may just prove to be his most epic. Whether it was lying to his customers... leaving behind a long list of violations... thumbing his nose at the state... or fleeing the country with money that was not his... Joe always managed to find an escape. But you see... recently, Joe was...
Cape Coral, Florida

the installers were great - everything was great - Until we got to the end. after all was finished, we ended up with 2 1/2 boxes of flooring material. I understand the need for extra, in case, but..... I brought the two untouched boxes back and got a refund - no prob. When I asked about a refund on the installation charge - I was told, we don't do that. Their explaination was - that's standard...

After three shipments finally had a complete package. Assembled exactly as instructed. ( felt good at that point ) March 2014 roof collapsed. Called store was told to call Arrow. Called Arrow was told it was " Act of God ". WOW, since I am Unitarian and really do not judge if God " Acts ". The shed is not made to hold snow at all, maybe an inch but not for Minnesota or any place where the snow...
Giza, Giza

Otis installed two elevators in our commercial building ,although the building is just 20% occupied, the elevators regularly go out of service and most of the time both elevators are out in the same time(I am keeping log of all these failures). Every complain usually been handled after tons of phone calls and even after fixing it goes out of service after a few hours in the same day which...

This company is very shady. I would NOT do business with them ever again. I won't go into much further details but they are definitely not doing things legally... Let's just say the owner Brian Gottlieb pockets company cash and pays people under the table, and tries to shut out the competition through force rather than having a superior service. I can't believe these guys are getting away with...
Oxford, Alabama

My husband and I have been in the process of building since November. It has been nothing but a mess. This has been very unorganized since day 1. Our house is still in the process of being built, and we will not meet our construction deadline. We have called the contractor, the guy over the office and the president over the state of Alabama, and have gotten no where. Our siding looks...
Roselle Park, New Jersey

This company NOT a customer friendly organization. Steven Metz accepts no responsibility for anything he or his band of thieves does. They measured incorrectly and then tried to blame me and charge me for their mistake. Stevens a little weasel with little to know people skills and has run this company into the ground. Karma is a ***. If Steven Metz's father didn't give this business to him he'd...
Kalamazoo, Michigan

Sent in three rebates totaling over $150 in rebates to Rebate International through Menards. All three were sent in on time. Never got one rebate. Never any contact available for rebate international. Resubmitted the rebates on three different occasions with no response. Menards washed their hands of it after talking to the store manager and corporate, and refused to help saying they don't...
Newark, New Jersey

We put gutter helmet on in 1990. Changed the roof in 2000. Gutter Helmet did the removal and reinstalling for free since we did the roof with them. I had a neighbor who had a roofer who said he is certified to do helmet, remove and reinstall it with roof. He used another company. He complains about the gutter helmet all the time now. But for 12 years he never had a problem until he let someone...
Dallas, Texas

contracted for 2 doors - paid the 20% down plus a measure fee - doors were measured - ordered - when the install date arrived we didn't receive a call - several days later I went to the store - the doors were there - "the install company we use dint show up" - it was rescheduled - again no one showed up - Back to the store - "we will give you a 20% discount" - then we rescheduled - took off work...
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