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Appliance is a device or a piece of equipment designed to perform a specific task and typically this task is a domestic one. Appliances can be recognized as different tools such as electrical and gas appliances, domestic appliances, household devices, machines, instruments, and gadgets. All appliances are divided into small appliances and major appliances. Major appliances can be used for ... Show more
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Conway, Arkansas

I just recently quit from working with Hyla. It was a bad, deceitful job from the get go. They do not pay their sales rep the promised base pay. They do not pay for your gas (and they will have you traveling all over the state). You can "win" gas money but if you don't win the contest, you get no gas money. They do not pay for your supplies (A&D, fragrances, and gifts). This is docked off...

Beware of EXTENDED WARRANTY from DAXMART. I purchased one, and then when it came time to fix my camera, they said we have no record of it. Their records apparently are stored for 1 year (how convenient). When my camera broke down, I had to wait on the phone about 40 min, only to find out that there's nothing they could do, and sent me to a company that services the insurance. How should I know?...

I bought my washing machine in January of 2014. It stopped working in March of 2014. JUST 2 MONTHS LATER!!!! We have had 4 repairs on it and they still don't know what the problem is. They refuse to exchange it or even give me my money back. The people are rude and incompetent when it comes to customer service. I have never been treated so poorly in my life. We are stuck with a washer that does...

I bought this super capacity washer since I do A LOT of wash. I have an upstairs washer and dryer and this washer flooded my house TWICE!!! OH, MY GOSH! I HATE THIS MACHINE. The tube connected to the basin is attached with a cheap clamp and it came off TWICE. I was assured it would not do this again when it was serviced by a "certified" Samsung rep. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! I hate Samsung...
Indianapolis, Indiana

Similar to others on this site, I placed an order for a backup camera in Dec-2013. The wiring harness arrived on time, but no camera. Nobody ever answers the phone, online chat is useless. They've told me several times that they would ship the camera out of the warehouse the next day, but it never arrives. I even got an email from David Bogner explaining that it was backordered and would ship Feb...
Austin, Texas

Took a Casio Pathfinder into the College Station store for new batteries. The employee, Eric stated that he could replace the batteries...no problem. Upon taking the watch apart, Eric tells me he can't do it. After four attempts to put the watch back together (hour later), I finally tell him that I need to go and for them to call me when the watch was back together. I received a voicemail later...

When Maytag says "energy saver" what they really mean is the washer does not use enough water to clean the clothes. The lid locks during the cycle so the consumer cannot see that there is no water line, hence the clothes do not get clean. Using hot water every load is not an "energy saving" practice. The matching dryer cannot get the clothes dry in one cycle because there is no cycle long...
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Aarons Sales And Lease Ownership
Do we have to pay for a tv from aarons that is damaged? They said we are reliable but we believe that it happened in their care. They didnt plug it up to show us it worked. Nor offer us insurance.

I own a Cabrio Whirlpool Washer, model #WTW7800XW2. After owning the washer for a little under 2 years (purchased mid-2011), the plastic lid supporting the glass began to crack around the fasteners holding the lid to the hinges. This happened on both sides of the lid. It started as a small crack, but over the last several months the crack is slowly traveling the height of the plastic. These...
San Mateo, California

After our house burned down we selected a Bosch oven, hood, cook top and dishwasher. The hinges never worked properly on the oven so it never closed tightly. Now the oven does not turn off. Very scary when a fire could ensue. I had to use the circuit breaker to turn it off. And the Bosch company takes no responsibility whatsoever for their faulty product?? An electrician came out and said the...
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