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Animal Services Complaints and reviews

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Having a pet in a household puts some responsibility on its owners. First of all, obligatory actions, like feeding, taking care of its health, pet walking, playing, licensing are internal activities. Besides that exists third-party services like pets adoption (you can find out how to adopt available pets), pet purchase, pet lost/found, surrender and reclaim library laws, shelters, fostering, ... Show more
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Whitehall, Pennsylvania

Our 4 year old cat was taken in for a follow up visit...and our cat was killed due to negligence. Improper procedures and flawed judgment resulted in the death of our cat although it was not critical when we arrived. It is shocking....Information regarding his death is being withheld. They charged us $250.00 10 minutes after pronouncing his death. Finally, they said they cannot offer sympathy...
Universal City, Texas

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I took my 5 month old puppy Ram a lab/boxer mix in to get his nails done and he came back to me with cut down to the quick and bleeding on 2 nails and as well split nails. I have never seen dog nail's that bad or short. The woman who did his nails told me my dog was a biter, I'd like to know how when he is around a toddler all the time and other dogs. I take him to the park and everything, never...
Houma, Louisiana

A couple weeks ago, i went to buy a leopard gecko, then whenever we had asked for help, all of the reptile sales associates came to us. Talking rather rudely towards my mother and I. Telling us that we could put our leopard gecko in sand, yet PETCO had them in sand. They told us that we needed a wet hide for their shed time, which they did not, along with a gecko shedding. They told us that...
Delran, New Jersey

To whom this may concern or a manager, I had purchase pet insurance on January 7, 2014. I was told by a man that took my call and wished I got his name, that my pet would be covered as soon as I submitted my bill for my new adopted cat as long as I went while covered and that it was month to month insurance and I could cancel the next month and still be covered which I learned was wrong you had...
Wadsworth, Ohio

I put a deposit down for a Italian greyhound pup. When the week came for picking up the pup Robert suddenly wouldn't respond to my call/emails. I had a 3 hour drive so I needed to know what time on Saturday I could pick her up. Wasn't until Thursday did he finally email me back telling me that do to severe weather he lost power and was snowed in. ( storm happened Wednesday evening I started...

I bought a puppy a year ago from "Bouchards Best Shepherds" owned by Becky Bouchard located in Cottageville South Carolina. My female pup was diagnosed at 13 months of age with EPI. Becky was hostile, belligerent and accusatory when I emailed her to explain, even though I sent her documented proof from my vet of my dogs hereditary, genetic illness. I paid $2,500 for the right to breed my puppy...
Tampa, Florida

This review is from a different perspective but I figured if they treat people bad then they probably don't treat the dogs any better. I know they are rude with their clients. I worked there for approximately 2 weeks. I was hired pretty much a month before I started, as I was relocating. I started noticing little things from the beginning. First off, they said I would be getting paid a certain...
Savannah, Georgia

Vile excuse for a business that's supposed to be providing "therapeutic" services but, instead is self-serving, inhumane and callous. Brutally trapped and killed a group of feral cats in their neighborhood, without ever seeking alternatives. In addition, they tried to get an elderly neighbor who was feeding the cats arrested and then BRAGGED about the killings and arrest on their Facebook page. ...

Whoever wrote if you want to keep your animals alive-don’t take them to Parma Animal Hospital was “dead” on. The state veterinary board and found them to have multiple violations and my personal experience can back that up. I have been reading reviews about PAH that go back years and their practice of killing healthy, defenseless animals seems to be a pattern. Worse yet-the whole staff...
Papillion, Nebraska

I never have been treated this such disrespect as I have each time I complained about the heartless way your company responded to my issue. Where is the management that lets my complaint be pushed through like I am less of a human for the fact that I can not afford treatment for my animal. The empathy shown by your doctor was unbelievable. To be told systems that aren't the cause of my cat's...
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