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Animal Feed Complaints and reviews

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Pet food is vegetable or animal material serving for consumption by pets. Usually sold in pet stores, it is specific to the certain type of animal, such as dog food or bird food. Most meat used for non-human animals is a leftover of the human food industry. There are two types of pets feeding: commercial food (sold in special stores) and leftovers and scraps from pet owners’ kitchen. Especially ... Show more
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Nashville, Tennessee

This a comment more than a complaint. I couldn't find where to just comment. I am a food chemist and on a most recent business trip to China I had occasion to observe the production of dog food products in two different plants. Just about all of the processing chemicals were very harsh---too strong for even canine consumption. The processing areas were also unsanitary. I came away determined...
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

We were running short of dog food, so I went online to buy some more. I usually buy from other companies where the product shows up in 2 days. I ordered the food a week ago from PetCareRX, since they had a good promotion, and their website says that pet food is shipped the next business day. I've waited a week, and my order still says "in process". I contacted customer service and they couldn't...
Harrisburg, Illinois

BEWARE!!! The Rural King in Harrisburg, IL consistantly over-charges. They will ring up a higher price than advertised. Also will charge for more items than purchased. Example just today 3-8-2014. Purchased six bags of horse feed. Checked receipt (something you must do each time you shop here) and a extra bag was charged. Sale price items consistantly ring up normal price. Please, please , please...

I ordered Pellets for my cockatoo. 27/01/2014 received an e mail telling me they won't be carrying them anymore(LeaLean is annoyed with the company) and they would refund my money. total of $109.25 on the 27/02/2014 after requesting my money again I received this reply - It will be done on friday and should take 2-4 working days to show on you account. I hope this helps I've not received my...

City Paws LA is a professional and experienced pet sitting and dog walking service that offers multifaceted, all inclusive, & personalized pet care for dogs, cats, rabbits & guinea pigs. We strive to be the only in-your-home pet care service our client’s will ever need. We are fast to respond to your calls, e-mails. and text messages and honor all appointments. 1.We take an active and...

Melissa Hummer is the founder of Pawsitively Perfect Pooches, a one-stop shop for dog training, sitting and exercise designed to help improve the interaction between man's best friend and their companions at the other end of the leash. Pawsitively Perfect Pooches' goal is to help humans better understand their dogs and why they behave the way they do. Melissa has a lifetime of experience working...

Purchased dinovite product from K9 Health Solutions. Dog did not want to eat it, so I requested a refund because they say on website the product is guaranteed. Found out when I asked for a refund that you had to use the product for at least 90 days and if your dog would not eat it you should add gravy, water or another one of their products. Since my dog has allergies I did not wish to do...
Frisco, Texas

I called to see if you carried a certain kind of dog food. I was sent from Sherman store and was told that the Frisco store carried this dog food. When I called Teresa acted like I was wasting her time. And that Sherman store should have let me know you didn't carry this food. Teresa in Frisco could have sound like she even cared about what I was looking for. And It wasn't a waste of her time....
Cape Town, Western Cape

I was at the Shoprite Store to purchase dog food, the price tag price was R89.99. When I got to the till point the price changed to R99.99, I then advised the cashier of the price I saw on the floor. She then asked one of the other consultants to get the price tag as that's the price I saw on the floor. Later the Supervisor was called to override the purchase where she told me that the name on...

So I just watched this video. NOT HAPPY. Tyson needs to be shut down for sure. I will NEVER buy Tyson food, ever. I swear. This is messed up and needs to be put to an end. If this keeps going people should sue Tyson food companies for animal cruelty. You don't slam piglets on concrete. You don't mutilate them. You don't confine pregnant pigs to such small spaces. This is torture....
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