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Airlines Complaints and reviews

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Airlines are companies which provide passenger and cargo transportation services by using air planes. To offer such services each company has to be licensed or certificated. Airlines vary from those operating a few planes to transport mail or cargo, to full-service international companies maintaining a fleet of airplanes. They are distinguished between the following categories of airline ... Show more
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Atlanta, Georgia

I ordered 2 tickets with my skymiles rewards a couple weeks ago. For personal reasons the trip cant be made anymore and will have to be postponed for a later unknown date. I tried to cancel the tickets and was told that it would cost me $300! For tickets I didn't pay for in the first place! It's outrageous to charge that much, if anything, to cancel tickets that are a "reward" for being a loyal...

I booked a 4 flights online for my family in the amount of $1935 on Orbitz for xmas 2013. something happened with the online booking and the flight and seat assignment were incorrect. When I called Orbitz immediately to fix the problem they kept me on hold for over an hour each time and then their rep "disconnected" with me. I disputed the charges through AMEX who ultimately were required to...
Bangalore, Karnataka

Booked ticket for flight date more than 3 months. They cancelled the ticket without any information. I come to konw at airport that my ticket got cancelled when called credit card company for fraud case they said it is more than 3 months they cannot file fraud. I called these guys all are talking rude. I filed complaint against thme in consumer court, court said since in their website said...
San Francisco, California

Seats were given to us near emergency exit and seats would not go back.......I think people should be told in advance that the seats do not go back in this area. They were extremely uncomfortable sitting up straight for 5.5 hrs and free snacks were not offered. So very uncomfortable and lack of room to move. Do not want to fly virgin america again........while walking back from bthrm, stewardess...
Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires

I got a call today saying that I NEEDED to call the airlines because our flight got cacelled because of a no show on the last leg of the flight going down, I've been trying to get a hold of them for over a month to cancel part of the flight going down, more then T Emails, several phone calls will bring on hold For hours at A time, so I Tried to call Lan to make changes but after many calls to...
From mobile #483423
Southwest does not have the same efficient operations as the original Airtran . Given a choice, I will not travel Southwest. Missed my flights yesterday because of delays.
Seattle, Washington

We do travel a lot. Recently we(me and my wife) have had very unpleasant experience with Delta. I have ongoing Itinerary with Expedia and it started with DELTA flight from Seattle to Shanghai. Down below I want to share my main complaint regarding this incident: We have arrived to our departure airport (Seattle) approx. 3 hours prior to our departure and been told that one of the letters were...

Dear Delta, Major concerns with “Unaccompanied Minors” I’m writing to you about the way you handled our 14 year olds trip during Spring break April 6th 2014 Delta flight DL1892. My son was to fly by himself and meet up with family friends who were flying a different carrier and arriving 45 minutes after he landed. We entrusted your airline to take him to Tampa Florida under the “unaccompanied...
Basco, Cagayan Valley

I am 1 of 10 passengers who was not allowed to board flight because they need to lighten weight of plane due to weather conditions but others were allowed including all their luggage. We were chosen because of our seat assignments. Seats 19 and above can't board even though are tickets are fully paid and we arrived more than an hour before our scheduled flight. No assistance was given to find...
Satellite Beach, Florida

Flying out of dtw and my fight changes to united airlines. (They are merging) ok fine ...never used thier kiosk was completely lost. An employee from us airways tried to help but since it was a united kiosk he was lost too. So he sent me to united counter to check in. This lady insisted I use kiosk when I explained I tried and was a bit confused (430 in morning to boot) her reply "its not...
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