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Unfortunately, fraud and con artists are still part of our lives. Instead of earning money honestly, con artists choose to enrich themselves by cheating other innocent people. Online scams cost Americans millions of dollars every year. Almost half of fraud cases investigated by the Internet Fraud Complaint Center involve online auctions, according to the center's annual report. Other major scams ... Show more
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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Wasn't warned about not being able to use because of magnetic medical implants nor the shipping is as much as the item. They will refund item but not shipping, plus you pay to return. Well over $100 for having nothing. Very unethical company. It just proves "If it sounds too good to be true it probably isn't. The customer service people were arrogant when I explained the problem and said I...
Pearl, Mississippi

The letter is from retrieval masters creditors bureau inc. It had no phone # so I googled it and called them. They were VERY RUDE and did not have a phone no. For the cooking club and I cannot find one!!!! I do NOT OWE this and I want this removed from my credit reports .....these people need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent!!!! When a collection agency sends out a letter, they make sure...
Grand Junction, Colorado

In December I received a catalogue saying I was approved for $100. I bought a watch for a friend, with no problem. This month I ordered a bird bath for the amount I have paid into my acct. My amt due and payments would stay the same. I never missed a payment, was never late. In fact I paid more than the minimum each time. I was turned down. Was I approved or wasn't I? Why was I approved in...

Military families: DO NOT SIGN A CONTRACT WITH ADT! They do not respect the military clause. I would rather live without locks than do business with ADT again. When it came to for my husband and I to PCS, I called ADT, spent an hour on the phone with them and was transferred at least 10 times. Finally, they instructed me to fax them a cancellation request along with a copy of my husband's...
Ocala, Florida

First of all, I am NOT an ex-employee of RentersPerks! I am a small business owner - Bella Tan - in The Villages, FL & we got scammed for $100 for an ad that was supposed to be posted more than 6mos. ago! I have called all the numbers on website & spoken to Dave, Becky, Joe, Mr. Wilson & they have continually told me the ck is in the mail, or we mailed the ck to you twice(can't...

I bought a voucher for $25 for a canvas directly through Picaboo. It was pretty easy to upload the image and I liked that I could add text to it. I used a beautiful beach image I took and added the name of the location and date. Then went ahead and placed the order but when the canvas arrived, it looked dark and yellowy. Like it was printed really dark then was left sitting in the sun for a...
Ashland, Kentucky

We paid monthly payments totaling over $7000 for a little sign. They act like you are receiving a grant to help pay for it. When it arrived, they would not even offer support on how to operate the message board part of the sign. We also had to pay property taxes on the sign to them yearly. Then when it was supposed to be paid off, Northern leasing tries to charge us another $1000 dollars for...
New York City, New York

We purchased the "ultimate" coverage package for $2,500 and were advised upon purchasing it that 80% of the car would be covered under it for a $100 deductible. One month after purchasing the warranty, we found out that a number of things were wrong with the car totaling $4,700. The repairs included a radiator cap, cabin air filter, valve gasket cover, idler pulley, serpentine drive belt, oil...

I get free minutes every month when I get a text message it takes minutes off my phone when I do not open them or read them I put money on my phone account well it starts missing a nickel here a dime their with in a two months period that took approximately three dollars off my account tell them about it the refund me and twice as much is missing the next time how can that get by with this?How...
West Columbia, South Carolina

I work for this company. And i will tell you they sell bad food. They change date dots on old food that was suposed to be tossed out because it is no longer fresh. 3 day old fish that smells bad cause the cooler was over 50 deg all day. The lobster is the cheapest junk they can find. All the new flat breads come with a mandated half the sause n cheese as when first started. The chicken is out...
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