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Unfortunately, fraud and con artists are still part of our lives. Instead of earning money honestly, con artists choose to enrich themselves by cheating other innocent people. Online scams cost Americans millions of dollars every year. Almost half of fraud cases investigated by the Internet Fraud Complaint Center involve online auctions, according to the center's annual report. Other major scams ... Show more
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Los Angeles, California

I needed my sons father served papers immediately. The guy I spoke with said his name was THOMAS. I told him what I needed done. He sounded nice, and said he could get it done right away and would pick up my papers, along with the agreed upon fee of $50.00 that night. The next day he said the papers had been served and the were getting readied to be sent to me via email. Mind you, the court only...
Cincinnati, Ohio

Rec'd my Night vision Glasses, sold and sent by IdeaVillage, they don't come close to fitting over my regular glasses, plus Idea Village rips you off on S/H, charges $5.99 for EACH of 2 prs., $11.98 S/H, 2 dollars more than the $10 for the glasses, total $21.98. AND, they arrive in ONLY ONE package ! ! ! Ideavillage pockets the extra $5.99. If you want to return, you pay the return S/H, and get...
Owensboro, Kentucky

I recieved this hose from PUBLISHERS CLEARING house app 3 weeks ago took it out of the package tried it & it bursted app 6" FROM the end of the nozel this hose is awful this hose should not even be on the market to the ones that have received the hoses we should should take out a law suite on this company that made this hose for this hose is not worth carring home let alone buying a piece of...
Altamonte Springs, Florida

Dave put a stop payment on a paycheck he gave me and I was still working for him. I got a lot of excuses as to why he did it after a few days he finally wanted to pay me cash but made up stories and I still did not get paid. That is why it made me do a back ground check on Dave I was alarmed of the results. You decide if this someone to do business with I never fully received my pay I get a lot...
Sacramento, California

Biggest rip off on the internet. Your automatically sent the product and charge you 34.98. Yes you can get a refund after you send it back at your cost and then they send you back 29.99. It also doesn't work. Total scam!!! I'm sure this won't be posted on their website so I will repost on other sites. They were very rude and told ne if I would have read the fine print I would have know I...
From mobile #484043
Traeger Grills
They fly you in for an offer letter. They give a high pressure pitch and When we didn't sign the offer they checked us out of our hotels and cancelled our flights so we had to pay airfare home.
Los Angeles, California

This is a full scam and I find it hard to believe that Kate Hudson would a associate her name with this company. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!! The quality was ok, but the additional charges were not made clear. When I called to cancel the lady on the phone was extremely rude and tried to keep me from cancelling. She was very condescending and almost refused to take my cancellation. Finally I had to...
Abbotsford, British Columbia

My complaint is to the people here complaining about the great system and products brought to us by Kyle Leon Fitness. If you follow the directions you will have great results. If you do not follow the instructions what do you really expect? I had a compatibility issue when I had first downloaded the program(turned out to be at my own fault) and I also was having some wi-fi troubles(my fault for...

Please beware of this company. I signed up through a friend and was told I would get a $25 credit towards my first purchase. I even snapped a screen shot of the post so I wouldnt get screwed over. After I signed up I never received my credit. I sent an email and got a reply from "brandon". He told me that I was not getting my credit as since I signed up under the referral link it was $25 off a...
Vancouver, Bc

Nomorerack is a rip off with bad customer service. They advertise items at a good price but deliver poor quality items. Buyers beware do not order anything from this site. I wish I would have read reviews about them before I ordered from them because they have a lot of complaints.I ordered a product online with this company and when they shipped to me it was not by the maker of the product...
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