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Accounting Complaints and reviews

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Accounting and auditing companies operate to ensure that the companies are run efficiently, public records are accurately kept, and taxes are properly and timely paid. These organizations analyze and transfer financial information to a variety of entities such as companies, Federal, State, and local governments, as well as individual clients. They provide information to clients by preparing, ... Show more
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Sydney, New South Wales

Also known as Florian Accounting Scam, Platinum Accounting Scam or Premier Accounting Scam and Aussie Tax Time Scam. Now they have re-badged themselves as Bly Accounting. Its all being run by the same *** artists selling fake work references to desperate people trying to pad their CVs. They *** students into paying thousands for basically a work reference when they look for jobs. These students...
London, England

I am a lecturer teaching in college. I was offered employment by an agency and this agency referred me to Giant Group to handle my payments etc. I am entitled to gap pay. In case I was not offered work for a week, I am entitled to 7 hours of gap pay. Giant said they will not pay me Gap Pay because I did not submit time sheet on the weeks I was not working. Isn't it weird that you are supposed...

Bad support and bad service and they don't care about my circumstance even though I have been using their products for last 7 years. I did e-file and HR BLOCK told me it has been received successfully but when i called IRS, they said they never received it. HR BLOCK refuses to provide me with the original transcript with very bad attitude. They said I can get it in the HR block location but I...
Hartford, Connecticut

While on the never ending phone with tech support on Black Fri afternoon/ night (hours) the woman mentioned I could save "70% or even more" if I bundled my QuickBooks and payroll together instead of paying separately even though the have both now. however that got lost during our support session and I then tried unsuccessfully to contact them again that night, then over the weekend and finally...
New York City, New York

I was on the phone with tech support on Black Friday. They said since I had quickbooks and payroll I could bundle and save 70% or more. That got lost in the support case so I tried calling back fir, sat, Sunday and got nothing but they were closed. Monday I got DJ Lynch in Fredricksburg. After an hour I got a bundle to save $100. Then the nightmare started. The savings was a charge of...

currently there are 4 companies in my area that chw owes over 50 grand to (combine) - THEY REFUSE TO PAY CLAIMS!! - they make their money by collecting the customers payments (for the contracts), then they have the contractors pay the money for the repairs upfront then they refuse to pay the contractor - what can we all do a class action? if you research this company and the officers oddly you...

Regions Bank is run by thieves who masquerade as bank workers. My account was turned over to collections and I was in the process of making payments to the local branch where I signed everytime I made a payment in a "log book". I was never given a balance due or anything showing where I had made a payment. Then they removed all the money from my mom's little checking account just because I was...

Paid them several thousand dollars. Papers were submitted to IRS, tax consultant told me to wait until IRS contacted me, the longer the better. Over six months went by and finally IRS contacted and said I'd have to refile because it had been over six months. I told consultant what happened and that he never told me anything about a six month deadline. They wanted to charge me another $1,400...

Purchased aircondition unit end of July of this year. Unit leaked the day it was pluged in. Haier in Toronto, Ontario only has one repair company that was sent out and a week later returned unit with parts missing and in worse shape than before. Called customer service department to complain and it seems to have only one person acting as customer service rep and supervisor who are of no help. I...
Boca Raton, Florida

I hired Gary to file my business and personal taxes, for which he quoted would be $1500 after reviewing all of the different aspects of my business. After being passed around between himself and his assistant for month after month, his assistant finally emailed me telling me my taxes were ready. Gary sent what they had me understand was my final invoice of $1500+, for which I paid in full. His...
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