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Computer program is a sequence of instructions intended for execution by a control mean of computer or data set presented in the objective form of the commands intended for functioning of the computer. There are programs for end-users and for machines. Programs for users can carry educational, helping, entertaining, informational function, etc. While inner programs serve for inside needs, ... Show more
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Salt Lake City, Utah

WebWatcher worked great until web browsers updated and Awareness Technology couldn't keep up. Their only solution was to delete advanced versions of the browsers and revert to older versions. But that only created problems with web-based services and programs so that is a *** and UNFEASIBLE solution! At this point Web Watcher it is WORTHLESS to me. I am incensed that I spent money for a service...
From mobile #483701
Ordered a color and a black cartridge 2/23/14 the black had leaked out into bag. Asked for a refund 2/28/14 and returned it. 4/21/14 I still haven't received a refund.
Long Beach, California

4/18 I had purchased my router from Walmart for 40 bucks which was the N300. When I got to my apartment I opened it up and set it up, and it did not work. I contacted customer support and was transferred to three different people. When I talked to the first person, she got us to do the remote assistance and requested permission to do certain tasks, which was good. Then we were transferred to two...

Got error code 3527. It seems everyone else has it too. What really annoys me is that Kodak does not provide proper assistance or meaningful instructions in their help pages. Treats their customers like morons. Dont buy kodak printers... useless. Due to the volume of complaints about this issue they should at least put something helpful about the complaint on their website instead of a useless...

Lockheed Martin created a simulator Prepar3d. As a developer I highlighted some of the issues with their simulator and they banned me from their forum. I have no issue with that. They are however refusing me access to the downloads that I have paid for which I think is illegal. I have complained to them and I was told that I need to make a special request to gain access to MY download links. ...
Atlanta, Georgia

I like to have spare ink for my two printers. I seen a good price on daily steals and purchase a set of 4 HP 920 and A set of two HP 56 and 57. A month or so later I needed ink in both printer and neither one would recognize the cartridges as full. Actually said they were empty and woild not work at all. They were reconditioned and the sale didn't state that when I purchased. I didn't even try to...

avast letter From To Date Mon, 14 Apr 2014 19:46:48 -0400 On 3-16-2014 I purchased Avast Premier and needed help to install it. I called and within 5 minutes the tech said he could not install it because Ii had 'leftover antivirus files'. I have Win 8.1 with Defender on it,millions of people install antiviruses everyday with no problems.For some strange reason I was told there...
Towson, Maryland

Recently purchased a NEW H61M-DGS 1155 mATX Intel Motherboard, upon receiving the item it was cleared used when the CPU protector was sitting loose in the box and upon inspection the pins for the CPU were smashed and unit was beyond usable condition. Contacted the store and the sales girl was nice and stated return the item for replacement or credit. Since we got everything else from them we...

This company sold hundreds of people a lifetime membership, then when one of the owners couldn't handle his personal finances, they demanded an additional $10 a month or they would cancel your membership! Worse, they delete the accounts of anyone who complains, and attempt to threaten their way out of lawsuits against them. Bullying and threats are a horrible way to run a company. But they is...
Halifax, Nova Scotia

In Dec. 2013, ordered an a/c adapter for a Toshiba lap top. Works fine and cost under $40 including everything. Until I found Battdepot, it was going to cost around $150 and the whole machine was only $350. Last Thursday afternoon, the a/c adapter on my Fujitsu lap top died. I was panicking as it was my business machine and the battery was almost flat. The confirmation code on the adapter...
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