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Computer program is a sequence of instructions intended for execution by a control mean of computer or data set presented in the objective form of the commands intended for functioning of the computer. There are programs for end-users and for machines. Programs for users can carry educational, helping, entertaining, informational function, etc. While inner programs serve for inside needs, ... Show more
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avast letter From To Date Mon, 14 Apr 2014 19:46:48 -0400 On 3-16-2014 I purchased Avast Premier and needed help to install it. I called and within 5 minutes the tech said he could not install it because Ii had 'leftover antivirus files'. I have Win 8.1 with Defender on it,millions of people install antiviruses everyday with no problems.For some strange reason I was told there...
Towson, Maryland

Recently purchased a NEW H61M-DGS 1155 mATX Intel Motherboard, upon receiving the item it was cleared used when the CPU protector was sitting loose in the box and upon inspection the pins for the CPU were smashed and unit was beyond usable condition. Contacted the store and the sales girl was nice and stated return the item for replacement or credit. Since we got everything else from them we...

This company sold hundreds of people a lifetime membership, then when one of the owners couldn't handle his personal finances, they demanded an additional $10 a month or they would cancel your membership! Worse, they delete the accounts of anyone who complains, and attempt to threaten their way out of lawsuits against them. Bullying and threats are a horrible way to run a company. But they is...
Halifax, Nova Scotia

In Dec. 2013, ordered an a/c adapter for a Toshiba lap top. Works fine and cost under $40 including everything. Until I found Battdepot, it was going to cost around $150 and the whole machine was only $350. Last Thursday afternoon, the a/c adapter on my Fujitsu lap top died. I was panicking as it was my business machine and the battery was almost flat. The confirmation code on the adapter...
Jersey City, New Jersey

I bought a Western Digital Passbook for Mac in January and in April after I had moved all of my important work and used it as a backup it stopped working. Took it to a data recovery center and they said the drive was built faulty. It will cost me upwards of $500 to replace the lost files. I will never buy a drive from this company again. There was no warning or any kind of prior failure on the...
Bellevue, Washington

I ordered a battery from BattDepot because my old battery quit working. I choose BattDepot because they had the cheapest battery I could find. Once I received the battery it was not working. I traded emails with BattDepot on suggestions for fixing the issue. I then took it to a computer technician in the area to see if he could fix the problem. The battery still did not work. So I returned...
Portland, Oregon

Control your city was hired for direct search advertising. They are based out of Oregon and have been spamming me for weeks now. I want to warn others against the dangers of hiring companies like controlyourcity.com for your search engine optimization services as they call it. This search engine stuff is beyond me but the posts and content that was created by the controlyourcity.com staff was not...
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

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I bought an external Toshiba 3TB hard drive at Walmart. It was packaged as new, with the cable, power supply, etc. When I plugged it into my computer, I noticed that it already had 67.7GB of information on it. When I looked at the directory structure, there was already some information on it, an automatic backup, labeled "Marty-PC." I explored into that directory, and found a LOT of personal...

On March 12th I bid on a celphone charm, I used up 499 credits. I still have not recieved the item yet and I am asking for a refund of my credits. The name it was under is iamangeerose. Thank you for your time. Please let me know if my credits can be returned. Email address Shelbyd518@gmail.com My account is Shelbyd518 nThe charm was a bright blue star. She states in her email that she did send...
Twin Lakes, Wisconsin

My wife orderd me a Battery for my laptop for Christmas and she ordered the wrong one. I contacted BattDepot they said to send the battery back and they would send me the correct battery. I did send the battery back to them at my cost. Now they have the battery and my money. I have sent many emails and they won't reply back, there is a 800# I have left many messages they won't respond. So please...
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