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  • 97 complaints
  • $3,542 claimed losses
  • $37 average
  • 19091 since Oct 27, 2009

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Main address: 4510 Adams Circle, Unit G 19020 Bensalem PA
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Zerowater reviews, Zerowater complaints, read Zerowater reviews, find Zerowater reviews, Zerowater scam reports
  • 97 complaints
  • $3,542 claimed losses
  • $37 average
Had an experience with Zerowater?
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These filters are a horrible fishy smell. I have 2 in a water cooler bottle and 1 in a pitcher on the counter. They smell!!! Not happy at all going back to pur water filters.

Been using zero water pitcher for 2 weeks, the water coming out of the filter has a horrible fishy smell it is bubbly/soapy. My family and I have been drinking nasty water thanks to the filter!

  • Mar 03
  • Jackson, Tennessee
  • Water Purifying
  • 1
  • 9

I got the zero water system because of its claims and a friend has one that she loves. It's true that it does a great job purifying the water. I have not had any trouble with the filter not lasting very long. Mine is still going strong. And I have had no smells or favors. I've got the big pitcher and it has a push button mechanism that delivers the water. It leaks bad and no one from customer... Read more

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  • Feb 26
  • Hamilton, Ontario
  • Filtration System
  • 44

I purchased a Zerowater kit a few months back was impressed with the water,espeicaly the taste.After the filter was finished I went and bougth a new filter.This new filter tasted like oil or gasy,so I tested the water with the tester,water tested 005. I then ran water through it 5 times before the water tested 001,It still tasted funny so I went back to using my Brita witch I had for years.I paid... Read more

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  • Feb 19
  • Zerowater Water Purifier
  • 45

I've had the pitcher for a while, tried several filters all with the same result. Filter always goes bad quickly, after a couple of weeks and begins to make a disgustingly acidic tasting, bad smelling water. During my most recent use of the product I accidentally drank some of the foul acidic water recently and have been suffering for it for days with abdominal pain and bloating. The symptoms... Read more

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  • Jan 18
  • Water Filter
  • 89

When I first got my Zero Water Filter System I had the same smelly filter problems as others here. I decided the problem was the wet filter, so now I filter a few days supply of water and store it in glass jars. Let the filter dry out for a few days, and repeat. Now I have Zero problems. Try it for free. You will find the filter life will also increase by min 50%. It's best to leave the cover off... Read more

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  • Jan 18
  • San Diego, California
  • Zero Water Filtration System
  • 64

I have had the Zerowater system for over a year. Some filters start out at 000 and some get there after 2 or 3 times of filtering, dumping the water on the plants, drying the container, and starting over. I just put in a new filter and have changed the water 5 times and it still reads 056. One time it got to 023. This filter was one of two in a box purchased in November of 2013. I am the... Read more

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  • Jan 16
  • Aibonito, Puerto Rico
  • Zero Water Filter
  • 39

The filters don't last to long and start releasing some nasty particles then stink. They are very expensive and when I requested some discount coupons, they sent me some that read expire December 2015, when tried to use them in the store the scan read expired coupon, I wrote to customer service but never got a reply. I would not recommend this item unless you are a millionaire, otherwise you are... Read more

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  • Jan 14
  • Austin, Texas
  • Zerowater Filter
  • 4
  • 65

I'm another one that can't understand anybody complaining about this filter or the service by the company. I only found one problem with this filter and its the design of the pouring spout, but the company made amends. We had the filter for about two years and went through several element replacements (by the way, the meter that measures the need for replacement that they provide free of charge... Read more

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  • Jan 09
  • Hinckley, Minnesota
  • Water Filter
  • 2
  • 108

Have had this system for 4 months. Within 2 weeks, the filter goes bad & the water tastes & smells like dead fish. I change it regularly, & we are on city water that is not all that bad (but we're health conscious so wanted to go the extra step.) I started getting sick - bloating and stomach problems. But, I couldn't believe it was the filter. Plus, w/ the cost, am I going to toss... Read more

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