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XM Radio - Madison on the radio

Company XM Radio
Product / Service Free Online Listening
Location Richmond, Virginia
Category Television/ Radio
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Since 2003, I have been an avid XM Radio listener. I enjoy listening to music without commercials and annoying radio DJs. At one time, I had 5 XM Radios. That number has since gone down.

Unfortunately, ever since Sirius and XM merged, I have been more and more disappointed. The price has gone up, you removed the free online listening, added additional charges (Royalty charges), but worst of all they kept annoying, disrespectful DJs. I would like to complain about the radio DJ, Madison. She is on 2 channels: Alt Nation and 1st Wave. Since this is the case, I lose two stations that I cannot listen to because she is annoying, rude, crude, doesn't talk about current music, unprofessional, and is very disrespectful to her listeners.

Some examples of her unprofessionalism are:
She yells into the microphone
She sings
She talks about her private parts, flatulence, and child
She speaks her opinions of bands (current and past)
She does not give her listeners correct information about the bands

To back up her unprofessionalism, please see the group on Facebook entitled I Loathe Madison on Sirius/ XM radio: https://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_124909808352&id=10150203882303353
They currently have 231 members and constantly complain and threaten to leave Sirius/XM Radio.

I have read that Sirius/ XM radio DJs are "Master music programmers and on-air personalities, who are true experts, host our music. They back up the music with compelling information about the song being played." I respect this fact. I can tell you this is certainly not the case with Madison.

I have contacted Steve Blatter, Sr. Vice President, Music Programming with Sirius XM radio and received a somewhat generic letter. I know numerous people that have complained and nothing has changed.

I just created a petition entitled Remove Madison as a DJ on XM Radio, because I care deeply about this very important issue.

I'm trying to collect 1000 signatures.

To read more about what I'm trying to do and to sign my petition, click here:

We have to do something to get this filth off the air! 2d4e787

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2 days ago  from Sacramento, California
She is the most annoying, unprofessional DJ that I have ever heard. If I wanted singing and annoying blabber, I'd listen to FM (which is where she belongs, on an obnoxious morning talk show). I PAY for satellite radio, and expect more.
I won't be paying too much longer, though, as I just can't deal with her fingernails on a chalkboard voice, ignorant comments, and stupidity.
Reply to Deeds

Apr 11  from Patience, Alberta
You are so laaaaaame, singing and yelling into the microphone? Who cares. She's funny in her own way she's my fave always so funny. Let's try u out as a dj I'll probably fall asleep @ the wheel lol
Reply to tiskers

Mar 24 
madison makes my day!!! she's also my mother's favorite. she's crude, hilarious, and galvanizes the average, pedantic daily routine. i'd even say she's one of the best things about xm radio. i tell people about her all the time.
Reply to bisqueybusiness

Nov 08, 2013 
Most of her supporters are a bunch of lonely guys! Get a life guys, go out sometime you may actually meet a real girl then some *** dj on the radio!
Reply to Blue75

Nov 08, 2013 
She sucks the big one!!! I have gone to Pandora because of her!!!!!!
Reply to D80s

Aug 17, 2013  from Las Vegas, Nevada
Madison used to drive me crazy. But she's actually getting funnier. Some of the stuff she comes up with is fascinatingly insightful and thoughtful. She's worth the music interruption. Meanwhile, that guy on 40's on 4 has to go.
Reply to dvz

Jul 10, 2013 
AMEN!!! She sucks. I found your petition while googleing information on where I can file a complaint against her. Makes me not listen to XM anymore.
Reply to Vanessa

Jul 02, 2013  from Alexandria, Virginia
It's amazing to hear people actually supporting Madison. She's the single most annoying DJ I've ever heard. Anyone saying she's witty or intelligent is obviously neither.
Reply to Anonymous

Apr 12, 2013  from Phoenix, Arizona
I think you are crazy and boring, Madison is the best!! I love her funny songs and her rude and crude commentary. You clearly don't know how to take a joke.
Reply to Virgi

Mar 09, 2013  from Memphis, Tennessee
I've been an xm subscriber for 10 + years. I've been turning that obnoxious girls voice down for at least 3/4 of that time. I've had to listen to that girl talk about the rank smell of her vag, her singing, her lame jokes, her cross between a valley girl and some chick from Wisconsin's voice, and her constant use of the letter F instead of the actual word for *** for longer than I wish to recall. I've just recently tuned back in to alt nation, and I have to say, she's not as obnoxious as she used to be. Although, she does punctuate everything with 'Madison" like some very uncool version of lumpy space princess. I really don't understand why they've kept her on all these years unless it's because everyone loves to hate her. That other dude, Reegan or however you spell it just announces the music and goes on about his business. But not Madison. She has to grunt and scream or whatever she does. Whatever. She still sucks. And although I don't have to hear about her vag anymore or about Kings of Leon and how she wants to "F" them (it's satellite radio chick, if you're so hard, the word is ***) she's still enough to make me turn the volume down in between songs.
Reply to KevinC

Mar 03, 2013 
Isn't this why we listen to XM radio, because it is "off the cuff"? If you want listen to "straight" stuff, then go back to listening to your local radio station.
Reply to Sizzlerman

Mar 03, 2013 
No - we listened to XM Radio for the music, not commercials, not for annoying DJs. Since they tend not to play that anymore, I have switched to Pandora One. I believe that if XM keeps going the way they are going, they won't have anyone else to merge with and they might have to fold.
Reply to Anon

Mar 09, 2013 
No, we PAY to listen to radio to not hear it. If we want to hear "off the cuff" or whatever you're calling it, we'll listen to Howard Stern. No, we'd really just like to hear music on the MUSIC channels.
Reply to Amanda

Feb 07, 2013  from Toledo, Ohio
Madison is the only reason I still have Sirius XM. She is entertaining and funny as ***. The day Sirius gets rid of Madison is the day I cancel my subscription!
Reply to Steve O

Jan 28, 2013  from Chicago, Illinois
Lay off of Madison. The girl is entertaining! She's funny and has great taste in music. So just relax and give her a chance - otherwise, you can change the channel. Why use valuable energy ripping on her?
Reply to Rickgam

Jan 27, 2013  from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Some people are cut out to be on air and others are not. Madison is firmly in the second category. She does not engage her listeners at all. The music is good, perhaps she would better serve the subscribers by being a music programmer and let the on-air work be done by someone who can make the subscribers feel like they care about the listeners, care about the music, and are not just on an unending ego trip.
Reply to 383

Sep 13, 2012 
Madison is awesomely crazy! It's a riot to listen to her. Her humor is razor sharp and intelligent. Maybe her detractors just aren't smart enough to get it.
I really can't imagine why anyone doesn't love her. Give her a big raise and more channelsz.
Reply to Greg from Edgemont NY

Sep 13, 2012 
Madison is awesomely crazy! It's a riot to listen to her. Her humor is razor sharp and intelligent. Maybe her detractors just aren't smart enough to get it.
I really can't imagine why anyone doesn't love her. Give her a big raise and more channelsz.
Reply to Greg from Edgemont NY

Aug 04, 2012 
Okay first of all, Madison is an awesome DJ. She has a sense of humor -- when people are driving home from a long day at work, they want something to laugh at. Second of all, no one cares about your opinion. Just don't listen to her station then!
Reply to Rob Smith

Jun 26, 2012 
if you don't like her channels...then don't listen to them. stop trying to take her job away from her. it's ridiculous how much people love to complain about petty things. have your kids listen to radio disney if you have a problem with her stations or unsubscribe from satellite radio. you know what i think is vulgar? having a station dedicated to the PLAYBOY FRANCHISE and listening to stories about people's personal sex lives.
Reply to lydia

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