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XM Radio - Children' Christmas gift to Dad turns to nightmare

  • by   Nov 03, 2013
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Company XM Radio
Product / Service Subscription
Location Edmonton, Alberta
Category Television/ Radio
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What seemed like a wonderful Christmas gift from my two children later turned to be 6 months of frustration and anger.All the stories of cancellation woes ring familiar.

Complaining to government licensing agencies [Provincial and Federal] accomplished nothing. Sirius/XM Radio and their partners-in-crime NAFS operate [and terrorize] their customers by a "negative option" billing system which should not be legal anywhere. They intentionally make it extremely difficult to cancel their service as to be able to keep billing you for unwanted services- services being poor or otherwise.

To create confusion they "pass on" your account to NAFS, a collection agency, that will harass you for months threatening your very-real credit rating with bogus debts.Please don't make the same mistake we did- stay clear of this unethical company! 2dff17c

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