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Wynfel Advisory Services wanted 19.00 fee for report on cash award scammers!!!!

  • by   Sep 07, 2012
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Company Wynfel Advisory Services
Location Santa Fe, New Mexico
Category Advertisements and Cons
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This company mails us a letter of award of winning $1,200,000.00 plus an additional $50,000.00 cash prize we only have to send in a $19.99 report fee for the release of my GUARANTEED CASH no such luck with us, this is a scam, if ever you win any moniess you don't have to pay anything to recieve it can you imagine one million people sending the fee in and the money they have scammed off of hard working people? I've been scammed before and now more than ever these awards are in my mailbox every day and go straight to the shredder. Customer BEWARE!!!!!!


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Jan 15 
FBI needs to find to whom belongs PO Box 8035 at address Huntington Station, NY 11746-9035 and immediately to arrest so-called Mr. Mark Wynfel
Reply to Donovan

Nov 18, 2013 
I got The same thing why can't we get the FBI to arrest this basterd and put them where they belong. Behind Bars. I was thinking about going to my bank and signing for a tracker check to send and bust these people but I need support FBI won't listen to a single individual and since I havn't actually sent the money I can't even report it as a scam even though thats exactly what it is.
Reply to No one Important

Nov 18, 2013 
I jsut read down further to what "Just Saying" has posted and they are right but its still a set up for a scam regardless of how legit it may be. they were carefull on how they worded it to make it sound as one thing but worded just right so that they can't be held accountable for anything. but I have received several other letters over the last 2 years and some of they streight up say you won and want you to pay some kind of fee for the money to be released. or my personal favorite. the letter from an unknown relitive that left you in their will that your the only remaining surviving relitive they could track down. lots of *** but won't no one do anything about it.
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Nov 17, 2013 
thanx just recieved same letter. i knew it was tooo good to b true
Reply to Anonymous

Nov 14, 2013 
I just received the letter stating I am entitled to receive 1,2000,000 in cash as reported in Digest of Entrant Procedure Directives now pending release.. It's a scam!
Reply to poor old man

Oct 10, 2013 
I just received the letter also. Thanks for the inputs. I receive a couple of scams a week
Reply to Sootsyjoe

Oct 07, 2013  from Goodyear, Arizona
I will not pay $19.00 for this service.NO THANK YOU :)
Reply to Mary

Sep 09, 2013 
I got one to in the mail and i agree with you.it went in the shredder.
Reply to curlyq

Aug 05, 2013  from Metairie, Louisiana
Omg just got letter out of mail box. Soon as i opened and read i went to internet to look this company reviews. I'm glad for all this noise about this. Even though it says not winner yet everyone wants to believe they've one we are all financially strapped. But don't be a even more broker fool, so keep your money
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Jun 14, 2013  from Concord, California
By no means am I disagreeing with you, but the same document was sent to me and it does state that it is just a "REPORT" and that "YOU HAVE NOT WON ANY MONEY OR PRIZE". It states that they just "compile" sweepstake opportunities. It is just a research/advisory company that informs you of available sweepstakes that you are eligible to win due to your entry. Now my question is, why do I need someone and pay them to tell me that I am eligible to win when I obviously and anyone knows this or else they wouldn't have entered. If you notice, there isn't any place on the "document" that shows a website for you to look at or even a phone number. They are just trying to get money and maybe they are a legit company, but they use their words carefully to make you believe that you actually won or are going to win. If you actually read it word for word, it does not say that you won. Just wanted to point that out. I hope I don't *** anyone off by saying this because I do agree that they are asking you to pay for something that you already know. Just call me if and when I win right?
Reply to "Just saying"

Jun 10, 2013  from Goodyear, Arizona
Just received in mail cover letter from Wnnfel Advisory Services, telling all needed to do was indicate by signature you accept terms of payment for release of GUARANTEED Win-Opportunities. Did not say you won, just opportunities. Also on the back of the letter, very bottom of paragraph of Consumer Information it states 'you do not need to purchase the report to enter the sweepstakes'. But you still have to jump thru hoops to enter that way. Of course it is a Scam
Reply to chris61w

Jun 01, 2013  from Los Angeles, California
This company is just one of many that are predators who prey upon many elderly people. In my opinion they are on the same level as pedophiles. Best suggestion is to report them to your state attorney generals office for possible mail fraud if others have complained.
Reply to Dgersh

May 15, 2013  from Indianapolis, Indiana
STOP!STOP!STOP!!!!!!!!! :x don't do it they not real at all dont wast your money please
Reply to pickbo

May 15, 2013  from Indianapolis, Indiana
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Apr 13, 2013  from Visalia, California
just remember...if it looks too good to be true,maybe it is.
my question is..how they managed to get get your name and address???...did you enter there scam????
Reply to ruquito

Jan 14, 2013 
The one I received just says that they will not guarantee any winnings, but will be sending out a newsletter with many sweepstakes that you can enter for free...It clearly says "Cash and Prize win-Opportunities" even in the actual letter... It does not say guaranteed money... On the back of the 1st page, it just says that it is a list of compiled sweepstakes opportunities... All this and more is stated in the consumer information... I still choose not to participate, I can find my own sweepstakes...
Reply to Ms. Ma'am

Jan 12, 2013 
I recieved this letter in the mail also a class action suit should be filed to keep others from being conned.
Reply to not stupid

Jan 10, 2013  from Hesperia, California
Really, you guys sure know how to rip people off and you make the 1.2 Mil. Not falling for it. So I hope alot of people look you up and know you are a SCAM Co. Hope you have nightmare while you sleep. Remember if you win, they will send it to you automatic or in person. No FEES Required.
Reply to R-Ranch

Dec 14, 2012 
yes i received a letter in the mail saying that i won 2million dollars but when i try to contact wynfel services no one reponds.when you win money thru a sweepstakes you don't pay any fee to get your money.you don't pay anything if you are a winner of money.so if wynfel doesn't want me to take them to court then you better send me my money nio matter how big or small.
Reply to anna cary

Dec 12, 2012 
Deduct the $19.00 from my winnings - if I win (haha). My mother didn't raise a fool!!
Reply to Donna

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