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Work Out World - WOW, almost impossible to cancel the membership

Company Work Out World
Product / Service Membership
Location Providence, Rhode Island
Category Fitness Centers
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signed up with 2 year contract.At the end of the contract, I tried canceling the service.

Of cause, the usual pushy sales again, then I got a form with signature of the manager for the cancellation. Was told to call ABC financial to confirm the cancellation. Called and was told to fax the form. Faxed and got charged again the next month.

Called again to confirm the cancellation. Told again the fax wasn't received and need me to fax again. I faxed again and received another bill today saying I need to pay for the next month.

What in *** will take to get this membership canceled?

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Dec 05, 2013  from Rochester, Minnesota
first change your account number , have the bak back charge them and contact the attorney general in your state as they are really great at taking money from people, it a huge ***
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Dec 04, 2013 
I am having the same issue with WOW in Ct. I sent the required cancellation to them but they deny receiving it. I have the return receipt and now have to go to a different gym and prove I mailed it. Any intreseted in WOW STAY AWAY.
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Dec 26, 2011 
I am having the same thing , I canceled my credit card and they are still trying to charge me, my question is will it affect my credit history in the future?
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Oct 11, 2011 
Same story here, they bought out the Gold's in Mashpee MA in January 2011, and I opted not to continue with them. Filled out the cancellation form in person, gave it to the manager and everything. Of course they kept billing me until July when I closed the account where the money was coming from. Now I've been getting harassed by ABC Financial and have been going back and forth with them. Just filed complaints with the FTC & MA Attorney General's office.

Terrible company to deal with :(
Reply to Nate

Aug 01, 2011 
Bottom line, they suck. I've been trying to quit WOW like it was a bad habit. I almost had it, then they sent me a email saying my cancellation is frozen until i pay them one more $11.00 bill that has passed. I already paid it so obviously they are just trying to keep me on the chain. I fu*king hate these people. They are like the mob of gyms.
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Jul 22, 2011 
I cancelled my membership after the contract period was up after getting the run around. They continued to bill my credit card. I got tired of disputing these false charges every month so I was forced to close my credit card account. If you had a similar problem contact the FTC at 877-382-4357 or ftccomplaintassistant.gov. If they recieve enough complaints they will do something about WOW's deceptive practices.
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May 04, 2011 
I am so pissed, i have been trying to cancel for the last week, i was told to cancel by sending them a note from the docters that i am pregnant, then i see that these crazy people do not even have a phone to contact them through corporate everything is done through email, and then tells me that i have to complete the full year and have a nice day..What! And I call the BBB better business bereau to write a complaint and they explain to me that many others have tried but are unable to locate their coporate address! I dont know how I let myself get into this! I am now probably having to hire an attorney to sue them consumer fraud!
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Apr 24, 2011 
the best way to deal with them is change your account # at the bank, thus blocking them, then contact/ make a complaint to you state comsumer afairs
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Mar 03, 2011 
I'm moving out of state and I asked WOW if I can cancel my membership, or see if they have a location in Maryland, the state where I am moving. I was told I this:I can't cancel although I'm moving out of state. I have a right to cancel
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Aug 06, 2010 
WOW has hired debt collector to get membership dues - that were collected from my creditcard account for 10 months but they credited to some other account (their mistake).
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Jun 26, 2010 
hi i need a big favor because im not in usa because the imigration take me and i need cancel my contract from this gym..please let me know how i can do that..thank you..and i appreciat if u can help me...if u want my email is verafilhas@hotmail.com..thanks..
Reply to jose carlos dos santos..

Mar 18, 2009 
I'm glad you posted this about having to go through ABC Financial to cancel after canceling with the gym. My contract doesn't state anything of the sort. :sigh
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Sep 04, 2008 
You need to know how to cancel a WOW membership:

1. Do it in writing
2. The fine print is 4 months in advance
3. What they won't tell you is if they locked you out or denied service- they didn't provide service- and the law is very clear- you can't charge someone for services you didn't provide- go ahead and sue them for the money you will win!
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Sep 01, 2008  from Namakkal, Tamil Nadu
Unless there is a stipulation that after your contract is over, they can continue to charge you on a month to month basis (which they probably do), you'll have to put a stop payment on your checking account bill from them or file a dispute charge against them with your credit card until things are sorted out.

Sometimes it takes driving there, shoving it in their face to get things done. In the meantime you can send them a certified letter of intent so that you now have a legally binding document as proof that you did request to end services.
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Sep 01, 2008 
what the ***. i had my account frozen for like 4-6 months...jsut checked my account..they charged me for every month!!! On top of that I tried cancelling and they claimed there was an easy link on their website to cancel...VERY UNTRUE. I have read so many articles about pissed WOW customers..this being yet another...wow shocked. Im going to give them a piece of my mind tom morning.
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