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Wilshire Credit - Complaint-- I would like to join the lawsuit but I live in Georgia, can I do this!!!! Please!

Company Wilshire Credit
Location Athens, Georgia
Category Shopping
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Monetary Loss

I would like to join the class action lawsuit against Wilshire Credit.Can I do this, I live in Georgia?

I was foreclosed on by this company and was never late with my payments. They did some really shaded things with my mortgage, tried to raise my interrest rate because I found them after reading my mortgage papers further into the paper work that was not on the closing papers. They would not talk to me about them. They said that they are looking out for their investors and that they could not refinance or change anything that had been done..

this mortgage was originally done by Ameriquest & bought out by Wilshire 2 monthes after signing in May of 2005.

I would have to abide by all the terms set by the contract.There are alot of details that are fraudulantin the paper work. 30300da

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Sep 05, 2013  from Atlanta, Georgia
This is so true because it happened just like this to me!!!!!! They are shisters, cheaters, frauds, and should have any license taken away.
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Jul 10, 2012 
Do you think we can ever get back at Wilshire Credit, They even had the ordasity to call the electric and water department and pose as me to have the utilities turned back on after I turned them off on July 7th, 2007, and after they foreclosed on my house, even though I was never late with my mortgage, only because I complained about the interest rate. I lived in my house and built my house in 1996. I found this out when I filed bankruptcy in 2009. The courts told Wilshire Credit that were Dogs and that they would not get anything more out of me and told them that they had to pay those bills themselves and fined them 5,000.00 for fraud. Also put the person from Wilshire Credit on record for FRAUD>
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May 29, 2010 
I live in Georgia also and wilshire did the same thing to me, with Ameriquest, I contacted the atorney generals office hey contacted the FBI but so far nothing has been done. If there is a class action suit against the bastered I would like t join, I have all my paper work still and notes. You would not belive all the fraudulant parts they put in the paperwork hidden.Can we get a class action suit going. Contact me at annette.santangelo@gmail.com
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