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Wells Fargo - Gave me two months off with forbearance and now charging me the back pay

Company Wells Fargo
Location Mt. Laurel, New Jersey
Category Banks
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You are right they gave me a forbearance with two months of not paying and i asked them are u sure i don't have to pay and was told absolutely.After the two months i was denied loan modification and told i would have to pay the two months plus additional late fees and other fees or face foreclosure.

I have been through 3 more loan modifications and another forebearance with the last payment due on 9/28/10 and i payed slightly more and now they tell me i am approved with no payment until december 1st and when i tried to contact them i am now being told i need to make a october 1st payment and make payments on the 1st until my new payment in december 1st which doesn't make since i tried to reach out to the lady who is handling my modification and she hasn't even return my call and they want me to submit everything in ten days. I wanna sue them so badly for bad business.

I wouldn't even owe if they didn't tell me not to pay and now they are using it against me.I was seeking a modification because my hours were cut at work. 2efb71a

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Oct 07, 2010 
Wells Fargo and I had a Forebearance Aggreement that I was following when Wells Fargo decided to breach by stating on my monthly mortgage statement that foreclosure preparation has begun. If I wish to retain my property the loan must be brought current immediatly Total of Forebearance Agreement. Breaching the agreed upon Forebearance Agreement; then tryed to lure me into a deceitful Loan Modification by misleading, and requiring me to do so, and stating that they have investor approval, then making it look like I had requested the Modification. Trying to place the burden of a request on me. They say we must advise you your request for Modification has been denied for the following reasons: "We are unable to come to a mutual agreement." Whatever that is supposed to mean? Then foreclosed (10) days later, and sent me notice of sale (2) weeks after that.
I have tryed to retain an Attorney more than once! Useless........ aren't any confident enough in themselves to battle with Wells Fargo. It's not a reason that I dont have a case, because I have saved every letter, Mortgage Statement, Bank Statement, even have a Customer Account Activity Report from wells fargo showing they received payments. I have paperwork situated in cronological order, along with the Arizona Revised Statues that were violated. I have a solid case with nowhere to take it. It is almost pointless to seek an attorney, especially like the first one I had who calls me to meet with him at his
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