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Wells Fargo Dealer Services - Repossession literally 10 days ago!

Company Wells Fargo Dealer Services
Product / Service Car Reposession
Location Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
Category Auto Financing
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I lost my job in sept 2013.I was making payments consistently just not the whole payment 200/300 dollars a month.

I literally sent in a payment on the 20th of this month and the 31st of December. Now before I lost my job I was two months ahead. They repossessed my car for 1,200 bucks. Took 4 days to make a decision at 45 dollars a day storage to say they want me to pay the full amount of the loan 20,000!.

If I had that I wouldn't need financing I would have paid cash to begin with. The process was far from easy 5 different numbers no one gave me the option to even pay the past due balance. I attempted to call the acct manager directly or collections directly to discuss the matter nothing. They repeat the same script.

No decision was made call back later. Whelp glad it's over bought a honda put down 5k. Lesson learned. And good luck getting that 20,000 from me.

I'll repeat the same script for the next 7 years.

Also my checkings savings for me and my family are with Wells Fargo I don't care what the affiliation is they will be moved as well.To other buyers: 800 289 8004, 888 941 0074, 888 241 0074, 800 662 2739, 888 875 9372, all went to the same goofball customer services reps that were useless!!! 2e1fdfe

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Feb 03  from Torrance, California
So if the government just sent you a partial payment for your unemployment, that would be OK, right? You seem to think it's OK to pay just part of your obligation.
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Feb 03 
Obviously not if I was ahead of my payments like I stated. I was looking for leniency compromise, help due to my situation. Oh and I did get partial, but who is going to appeal when your strapped. Have a great week stay safe in this weather.
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Feb 02  from Wallingford, Pennsylvania
Sorry to hear your loss. We need to ask Congress to extend unemployment benefits !!!!!
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Feb 02  from Wallingford, Pennsylvania
Agreed! And because of the amount I made in previous years I wasn't eligible for any other assistance. But better days to come!
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