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Warranty Direct Reviews

Company Warranty Direct
Product / Service Vehicle Service Contract
Location Charlotte, North Carolina
Category Auto Insurance
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Guys, I haven't used your service yet, hope I don't ever need it, but just had to tell you how absolutely painless this process was. I sent an e-mail, got a phone call, charged my credit card, got the contract back, and am good to go. I may be jumping the gun here, but I am convinced this is the best thing going. Many thanks and keep up the good work. And don't let me down!!!

Carol G.

I just wanted to let you know that the service that I have received through Warranty Direct has been nothing short of exceptional. In an industry (extended auto warranties) that everyone warns is rife with scams and misrepresentations, Warranty Direct has been a model of customer service and integrity.

M. Cinquemani 306ef3f

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Apr 05  from Richmond, Virginia
This is my second time having warranty direct. The first time I had no issues with them. Everything was fast timely and they fixed my issues. This time I have been trying for 3 weeks now to get them to fix my car and process my claim. Warranty Direct works with another company called Interstate International. Due to them not working weekends and my work schedule 3 saturdays I took my car in and 3 saturdays the repair facility has had issues . I called prior to leaving my house they said it was okay I drop car off and then it's always an excuse. First it was billing issue. They said I was past due. I had an email from them stating i was current and because warranty direct did not notify the CLAIMS dept I was current I my claims was frozen. Now it's another customer service issue. I filed a BBB report today i was nice but three times is ridiculous
Reply to Matt

Jan 01 
Please DO NOT use Warranty direct.
Here is what happened I was a member of this at least for 5 years. In 2013 my Suzuki XL7 needed a transmission work. I took the car to Cottmann transmissions and they contacted Warranty direct. But claim was denied saying "no reason". I faxed all my service details I performed with Suzuki dealership to Warranty direct. But they simply were not ready to fix the problem, which I had to pay from my pocket. So BEWARE THEY ARE THEIR TO TAKE YOUR MONEY
Reply to KANNAN

Mar 21, 2013 
I must express my sincerest dissatisfaction with Warranty Direct coverage. They seem to cover and fix small, not so expensive issues such as broken buttons, missing tabs and such but heaven forbid they cover a major safety issue such as seat belts, or electrical issues which may cause your vehicle to be in danger and/or your life! My policy doesn't state anything about electrical issues not being covered and now they are declining my claim for an electrical issues causing my headlights to fail. they state that it's a headlamp issue not covered by the policy!!!??
Reply to jongry

Dec 26, 2012  from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I can't be-leave another *** testimonial...Hope I don't need your service But you Took my Money $$$ so Fast and Easy! Carol G remember your words Painless! Wonder who she voted for?
Reply to InkMartPA

Dec 26, 2012  from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I was about to purchase a 36 month warranty for my 2002 Maxima with 98K I researched all the top providers and came to the conclusion there are no good used car warranty companies out there. Warranty Direct is a sub company. They restrict what they might pay buy several different methods. The use TSB tech service ebullition put out by your auto manufactures as to problem parts..If they claim a problem with a part..Warranty Direct excludes this part from their coverage and don't tell you...These companies are all Buyer Beware providers. Your better off trading before 100,000 miles and looking at the breakdown ratios for each car model before you buy.
Reply to InkMartPA

Feb 28, 2013  from Raleigh, North Carolina
As a former mechanic I can tell you that TSB "Technical Service Bulletin" is a way of a manufacturer to reccomened to the repair facility the correct way to fix a problem or a part. No warranty covers parts deemed to be faulty by the manufacturer. These items are covered by the manufacturer themselves. I purchased warranty directs xtra care program because you get what you pay for in this industry the lowest level of coverage will oviously not have the coverage and payout as the levels above it
Reply to Snackems100

Dec 03, 2012 
I submitted thru web to get an :"instant quote" - All I got was my contact information in their hands. A guy that sounded like a thug - more than anything else called back and verbally gave me a ridiculous quote - like $2000 per year. I asked for a written quot and he started insulting me - saying things like " I know why you want it written, you'll take it to the dealer and compare". To make it short, I would NOT give my business to these guys if they were made of GOLD!. BEWARE!
Reply to derya

Oct 02, 2012 
This is for the lady that wanted to know where "Warranty Direct" is located; This is who Warranty Direct is, and where they are.
Interstate National Dealer Services of Florida, Inc. (“INDSF”) in Florida under license numbers 60088, 70042 and 80230, Interstate Administrative Services, Inc. (“IAS”) in Oklahoma and Interstate National Dealer Services, Inc. (“INDS”) in all other jurisdictions. INDSF, INDS and IAS are located at 6120 Powers Ferry Rd NW, Suite 200, Atlanta, Georgia 30339 and phone number 1-800-942-0400.
Reply to looking to buy a warranty

Oct 02, 2012 
We, Us, Our................... refers to the entity who is obligated to perform under this Contract (the “obligor”). The obligor for this Contract is Interstate National Dealer this is for the lady who wanted to know where "Warranty Direct" was: Services of Florida, Inc. (“INDSF”) in Florida under license numbers 60088, 70042 and 80230, Interstate Administrative Services, Inc. (“IAS”) in Oklahoma and Interstate National Dealer Services, Inc. (“INDS”) in all other jurisdictions. INDSF, INDS and IAS are located at 6120 Powers Ferry Rd NW, Suite 200, Atlanta, Georgia 30339 and phone number 1-800-942-0400.
Reply to looking to buy a warranty

Sep 27, 2012 
The company fails to honor their warranty, but maintains their BBB rating by replying to all complaints once. BBB does not do investigations to verify the validity of either party's comments. If you file a complaint, they respond, and you counter with documents pricing your case, WD simply ignores the complaint and gets a good rating for the first reply. BBB is probably to problem.
Reply to Bob

Aug 27, 2012 
Please post your contract # with your comment so you claim maybe investigated.
Reply to Warranty Direct

Aug 21, 2012 
Hi Im reading these comments and im leary now.. You say you work with these companies all the time. Who would you recommend for used car.
Reply to carol logan

Aug 18, 2012 
This company is a piece of *** I went through the same experience a lot of these folks went through!!! This company needs to b *** down immediately!!
Reply to Barber

Jul 30, 2012 
Reply to Linda brice

Jul 30, 2012 
I took my 2001 Acura to shop they told me it was my transmission I submit claim rhrough warranty direct they try say my radiator cause my transmission problem ...so now I have pay the cost if I knew where these *** people was I would personlly go there... And Brandon is a lier and DONOR VTRUST THESE *** PEOPLE....
Reply to Linda Brice

Jul 30, 2012 
DONOT buy warranty direct Brandon is a scam they lie you talk to several different *** people...my transmission need a part they okay aamco to take my car apart now donor want to fix it I'm filing a claim against them with BBB and I advice you to stay far away from these people
Reply to Linda b

Jun 18, 2012 
Well I thought buy the warranty direct policy was a good thing. In fact it was my third one. Never again. Had a major parts failure. The turbo on my chevy duramax was sticking. It can't be clean and only replaced. Warranty Direct refused to pay because it was caused by soot from the EGR valve that caused the turbo to stick. The soot from the diesel exhaust that is recirculated into the intake They are calling it and outside influence. Really. The federal government emission caused this, and the manufactures designed system is an outside influence that the consumer has not control over or any maintenance to preform on it. They are using an excuse not to pay.

Stay away from Warranty Direct.
Reply to rvfool

Jun 06, 2012 
Well I'm putting them to the test now. I toolk my car in for routine Maintenance. Mechanic for 2 issues that need attention now. I called I was told the mechanic will have to call them with all the info. After reading this I am fully waiting to be screwed. We'll see
Reply to K. H.

Jun 06, 2012 
I have 4 cars currently covered with this company, replacing 2 older contracts for cars we sold. They were always ok, UNTIL NOW... I have been negotiating a repair since Jan 2012...Still no payment...I will update on this site when the matter is resolved, Wish me luck.
Reply to Teri

May 10, 2012 
Do not buy from Warranty Direct as they are a company who posts false and misleading information on their BBB rating! They have none and are not nor have been a member of their local BBB. Go two their locations site and see for yourself. Try to call them and they stall and hang up at the slightest comment. Buy from your car manufacturer's warranty company only! Buy at the end of the month and call around and fax around for the best deal. I have done this with Acura & Nissan and gotten great prices. I severely regret my decision to go with Warranty Direct and had to eat several $100 dollar's because of it! "RUN DON'T WALK AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!" BUY FROM YOUR MANUFACTURER! THEY MAY GO OUT OF BUSINESS, BUT THEY STILL HAVE AN INSURER TO COVER CLAIMS AS REQUIRED BY LAW AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY UP FRONT TO GET WORK DONE AND WORRY IF YOU WILL EVER GET PAID BACK! AGAIN, WAIT TILL THE END OF THE MONTH AT YOUR NEW CAR DEALER & E-MAIL & FAX FOR THE BEST PRICE! I SAVED OVER $500 LAST TIME.
Reply to Paul Naizer

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