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Walk Shop - Won't ship nor respond to inquiries

Company Walk Shop
Product / Service Yamaha Mm6
Location Jacksonville, Florida
Category Online Shopping
Views 268
Monetary Loss

Order Number: 20133
Date Ordered: Friday 06 January, 2012
Detailed Invoice:
Walk-Shop won't ship musical keyboard (Yamaha MM6) that I ordered and paid for nor respond to my inquiries. Initially used "Chinese New Year" as reason for not shipping - but that ended long ago.
Happy new Year! As is now China's holiday. Can not be delivered. Once we return to work. Goods will be sent immediately. Thank you very much!"
"Dear friend,
Bank wire transfer payment details:
Bank name: BANK OF China Hubei Branch
A/C holder's name: WANG GUOBO
A/C No.: 46413-01018-8018-2822 (IBAN)
Address: No. 33 Garden Road, Xiangfan City in Hubei Province of China.
Thank you!"

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Apr 15, 2012 
No response to numerous requests.Dont get caught !!! This chinatown fella is a fraud and thief!! Stay away from this Walk Shop !!
Reply to Steve

Mar 27, 2012 
Ordered a bicycle. At first, I was pleasantly surprised by the low price for Russia. Transferred to the account of $ 1,000. But there is no answer - where is my product. My emails go unanswered. The last three days shopping site stopped working. I'm getting ready to take appropriate measures to punish this seller
Reply to Dmitriy

Mar 23, 2012 
I wonder how many other Buyers have been screwed by Walk-Shop...? Apparently not enough for anyone in authority to take the initiative to investigate! :(
Reply to Phogstr

Mar 07, 2012 
I am having the same problem with an order placed on 26th January.

They initially sent me an email after payment was made and I had emailed them trying to get a tracking number and enquired when I may expect delivery of my order but after that they now refuse to respond to my numerous emails regarding my order, yet when I made an "enquiry" regarding buying a laptop they were back to me within the day
Reply to Kerrie Vernon

Mar 01, 2012 
:? Will not answer my email requests asking for confirmation of money paid.
Reply to Stephen Alfred

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