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Walgreens Corporate screwing with employees.

  • by   Mar 16, 2012
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Company Walgreens
Product / Service Perscription
Location St. Petersburg, Florida
Category Drug Stores and Drugs
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Walgreens is in the process of of changing job titles having employees doing the same work, cutting their pay and changing schedules. If employees don't like it QUIT. This is their main goal make People mad and quit without thinking. This is what Walgreens wants so it can pay their employees $10 an hr. No more Executive or Assistant Managers, store leaders or group leaders. Will have keys to open and close stores, same responsibilites under a new title. Employees can you say UNION-UNION-UNION. or a Civil or Class Action lawsuit. In my opinion Walgreens puts misinformation on it's web site. This is their way to single out and traget employees. The following resources are available to all employees to make sure that they have an effective way to express complaints, concerns or suggestions for improvement. Being able to listen and communicate directly with our employees makes the company stronger and able to respond to issues quickly, without the unnecessary bureaucracy and delay of a formalized grievance process.

Open Door Policy - Walgreens believes in the dignity of its employees and their right to a prompt, equitable and sympathetic review of any question or difference of opinion an employee may have concerning their work situation. Employees may take their questions or concerns to either their direct supervisor or move up through the chain of command to get resolution.
Hotline System for reporting problems and concerns in the workplace - 1-800-666-5677 to call 24 hours a day. A Loss Prevention Supervisor will promptly investigate these types of claims. UNTRUTH 2ff759d

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Apr 07 
I'm an ASM and I'm over worked and under paid. Getting out asap
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Apr 04 
My wife cannot even get her social security because Walgreens will not send the info Social Security needs so she can get her pay!!!! She has been off workman's Comp for months. She has been approved for Social Security Discibility for almost a year. This is rediculous!!! They will not even do their job so she can get her checks!!!
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Apr 03 
It the only company that allows a manager to remain in his store after he exposed himself and they let him stay. Walgreens is not treating there older long time employee trying to make them quit.
The demote you and cut you pay rate. If you don't like it quit that's what they want you to do.
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Mar 12  from Santa Clara, California
Yeah walgreens suck im actually working at walgreens and looking for another job the change totally my schedule I worked all past holidays while theres some people having great time getting 2 or even 3 holidays (thanksgiving xmas n new year's) hopefully I get another job asap by the way management team there lazy
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Mar 28 
6 years ago i signed on for a salary as an mgt based on 40 regular hours and 5 overtime hours. i did not sign on for an hourly wage i signed on for salary based on above. 6 months in they took away all overtime for the mgt's which cost me about 6000.00 per year. with the new management structure i was looking at a pay cut of about 6.00 per hour or if i was one of the "fortunate ones" i would be able to "keep my pay", as my manager told me, but failed to understand that the same pay for being salary is really a cut in pay. i agree that the company wants to eliminate the majority of people in these positions and by hiring key-holders they will save a ton of money. I am very happy to say i have escaped. i wish all of you that are still stuck in these positions the best and i hope that you to will find the happiness found in leaving this unfair situation behind. It's not your fault that they lost major insurance deals and found yourself in fiscal trouble but your answer on hoow to solve the problem has cost you the people who have done all the work, and you will lose more. i think walgreens will implode from this as customer service and store conditions continue to erode. good luck to my fellow mgt's.
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Feb 26 
is a sad reality.The position of keyHandler is mostly for women because a man will not take that pay.Company changed for the worst.
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Feb 23  from Kansas City, Missouri
My brother and his wife work for Walgreen's. After learning how they have been treated, I will no longer do business at Walgreen's again.
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Feb 13 
In the open door policy, you get promises, but no action! I'm at the point of seeking out a new job. If I have to go to a Hotline to get results, it probably means it's time to go, because it shouldn't have to go that far! Probably just get more empty promises.
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Feb 12 
Employee relations is a JOKE. From what I have seen and experienced, the store managers always find out who the "anonymous" employee who made a complaint is. I have never seen anything good happen when an employee or manager has used this route to deal with a situation. I was told employee relations is really there for the manager, not the employee under them.
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Feb 03  from Brockton, Massachusetts
i would bothere with open door policy, my LP guy who handles it only sweeps the stuff undrr the rug and then tries an help u get fired. go strait to employee relations if anything..
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Jan 16  from Camden, New Jersey
There's got to be something that we can do. Someone out there needs to see what is going on and help us. How do the CEO from walgreens expect us to live off of this pay cut. While the CEO and managers are living life. We the people that works hard are suffering. I am begging anyone that would listen to please help
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Jan 16 
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Jan 16  from Camden, New Jersey
I know that after 11 years of working at walgreens I am being treated as though I do not matter. They are taking my position away from and demoted me to just a key holder. I work my butt off for nothing. I get no respect and I believe it's the color of my skin. Looking back at who made the cut it's mostly all Indians people and the one that is making the cuts is an Indian woman. I'm upset that no one wants to do something about this. I wish someone will hear me out and stop avoiding what is really happening.
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Mar 09 
The company made these unfair cuts and demotions EVERYWHERE! I know so many mangers who have been forced to step down or go for a "promotion" to ASMT for little to no pay raise. Your are being treated unfairly just like all of the other former MGT's. It has NOTHING to do with the color of your skin. Stop making this a race thing. Please!
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Jan 15 
IVE BEEN WUTH THE COMANY FOR OVER 10 years and just yesterday they told me I have to get a pay cut of five dollars. I am a very hard worker and never miss out do work. And they are giving me only one day to think about it which by the way is today. I don't even know what I want to do or where do I go to get help. I can't afford this pay cut while the managers and EXA ARE SITTING ON THEY *** and collecting bonuses we the people that work hard is getting cut back this doesn't make no sense
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Jan 01 
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Jan 01 
if you complain about your pharmacy manager you will get very low anual reviews, walgreens pharmacist bonus is based on review from pharmacy manger, if your RXM DO NOT LIKE YOU WILL NEVER GET A PENNY BONUS and you will never get promoted no matter how hard you work or even if you are talented
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Dec 24, 2013 
As of today, I am no longer employed with Walgreens. I was with the company over 12 years. When I think back to the day I was hired, I remember feeling as if I had hit the lottery! A great job, with a respected company, ok pay and insurance!!
Today, as I headed in to work, I had a lot of thoughts and emotions. Some good and some not. I remember having co-workers, management and district personnel who truly cared about every aspect of the business. Now it seems it's only about the bottom line. The final straw, for me, was leaving stores open all day for Thanksgiving and especially Christmas. I had people tell me, that is what you signed up for; but, no. I came to work in the age of paper applications. We were open 9-6 on holidays.
This once family oriented company has turned into a cold, heartless business I no longer recognize or wish to be associated with. It is sad, yet liberating to know I have the ability to walk away. I feel great sorrow for those employees who do not have the same luxury. I will not miss being asked to lie for and cover for managers or pretend like everything is perfect when reality it feels like a sinking ship! I will not miss being denied the right to do my job; then being blamed when machines break down. I give this company not much longer before it eats itself from the inside out! Hopefully, they will wake up and this country will not end up with numerous people out of work due to bankruptcy or something worse!
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Jan 07 
I am a pharmacy manager for Walgreens and I feel for you. The recent cost cutting measures reached pharmacists as well. They are doing it slowly. I helped my mother , a Walgreen pharmacy tech in the 1960s, front shelves when she could find no one to watch me as a child. She is why I work for the company. It was founded by a pharmacist so I felt I would be treated the best at Walgreens. That was true through the 1990's, but not now. They treated us well partly because pharmacists were in short supply.Then they began paying $10,000 a person for Pharmacist visas from other countries in return for their obligation to work for a number of years. They also paid for more Pharmacy Schools to open. Now there is a surplus of pharmacists, along with many foreign pharmacists who were happy to get out of India, Pakistan, Taiwan, etc. and have a very different attitude than American workers. They made us salaried workers. Then they could abuse us at will. I routinely work after closing to do the yearly controlled substance inventory at the request of the company for no pay. They went from time and a half pay for overtime to time plus $20 a few years ago. Recently they lowered the overtime rate for RPhs to time plus $10. They had always had a policy of one pay rate for staff RPhs and one pay rate for pharmacy managers. Now that is gone, and our pay rate and raises will be tied to our yearly evaluation. I felt that was unfair so I gave my staff RPh an evaluation of 3(meets expectations)... Show more
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