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Visiting Angels reviews, Visiting Angels complaints, read Visiting Angels reviews, find Visiting Angels reviews, Visiting Angels scam reports
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Industry: Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Centers, Doctors
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  • 43 complaints
  • $11,797 claimed losses
  • $274 average
  • 11609 since Oct 28, 2010

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Visiting Angels
Main address: 28 W. Eagle Rd Suite 204 19083 Havertown PA
800-365-4189, ,
Visiting Angels reviews, Visiting Angels complaints, read Visiting Angels reviews, find Visiting Angels reviews, Visiting Angels scam reports
  • 43 complaints
  • $11,797 claimed losses
  • $274 average
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  • Mar 13
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Home Care
  • 17

This agency is horrendous. I needed home care for a family member. They sent someone to the home to talk with us about their service. They did not look at or evaluate the person who needed the services and charged a $25 fee. His needs were specific and the caregiver they sent out not only did not have any basic medical knowledge ( he was burning up with a fever and did not think to let anyone... Read more

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  • Mar 01
  • Newark, New Jersey
  • Dishonest Service
  • 33

All of you that posted are so on point. This company or false company really shocked me. They better change their name before lightening strikes them. They really think theu can talk to people anyhow. They short your hours they lie like persian rugs.Very phony,very phony good actresses and actor. Theyre just a mess they should be ashamed that morristown location certain people need to be... Read more

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  • Jan 29
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Franchise
  • 2
  • 53

I was initially interested in investing in this franchise until I did some research. After reviewing the many complaints and comments about Visiting Angels, I decided this was not a company I want to be associated with. Simply put, if you want quality employees to provide good service then you must pay them a decent wage and treat them with dignity. Clearly, this isn’t a part of the Visiting... Read more

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  • Jan 12
  • Laramie, Wyoming
  • Work Experience
  • 4
  • 98

I've worked for Visiting Angels for nearly a year and I am about ready to find a new job. While this job has been great work experience for a resume and I've worked with some making families, there are many cons. If you decide to work there do not take any 24-hour shifts. Their rate of pay is $115 per 24-hour shift and you are allotted 7 hours of sleep. If you divide $115 dollars into 17 hours it... Read more

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  • Jan 11
  • Hicksville, New York
  • Ex Employee Review
  • 2
  • 93

At first they seem very nice but once you start working you see the real side of this company and the people running it. Every time I would receive my paycheck I saw that I was short on hours and then they would say that there was an error but they will fix it. It took 2 months for them to correct there so called mistake.. This company is a fraud and crooks. Bad enough their pay is ridiculous... Read more

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  • Jan 08
  • Seattle, Washington
  • High Prices
  • 4
  • 143

Well, my experience with Visiting Angels was short, but very strange. I am a CNA with nine years of experience. I have two small children and am going to be the only one in the household bringing in income. I wanted to find a live-in catering position, so I could get all my hours in within a matter of a few days, and be off for the rest of the week. When I explained ask this the nicely dressed... Read more

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  • Dec 17, 2013
  • Midland, Texas
  • Employee Service
  • 1
  • 132

My dad has been left unbathed, unshaved, no sheets changed and in some instances no one shows up to feed him. In addition, care givers have stolen items and more importantly over $8,000 from accounts and credit cards. This has been going on since August, but has really intensified from October through December. The director of our local office has been notified. He too has handled this very... Read more

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  • Dec 12, 2013
  • Home Health Aide Services
  • 1
  • 152

I was told that they would let me be the daughter and not the caregiver,, WHAT A LIE!!!!!! left disabled women alone for hours who is not able to take care of herself on such things like eating, bathing using the restroom, not even able to get out of bed alone. The Office makes excuse after excuse on why workers would not show up. The only word this company knows is "I'M SORRY". If you love... Read more

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  • Nov 27, 2013
  • Initial Appointment
  • 4
  • 136

Made an initial appointment with the owner of the Cherry Hill, NJ office for my mother. Told the owner from day one that my 84 year old mother had an oxygen machine in her bedroom in case she needed oxygen at night but very seldom used it. She ask a bunch of medical questions and I told her that my mother smoked. She now waits until the day before the initial meeting, and after several... Read more

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  • Oct 05, 2013
  • Incompetent Employees
  • 5
  • 212

Visiting Angels sent a caregiverent that smelt of alcohol and fell asleep for 1 1/2 hours when she was supposed to be caring for my mother. I called the manager and she sent another caregiver. The caregiver who fell asleep was fired. This event happened on a Saturday. Visiting Angels terminated my mother's contract on the following Monday and gave no reason for the contract termination. My family... Read more

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