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Virgin Mobile Deactivated & Stole Money from my account

Company Virgin Mobile
Location Chicago, Illinois
Category Cellular Phone
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Monetary Loss

I had a Virgin Mobile prepaid phone and my phone was deactivated before I could add money to it.

I lost $143 balance in my account and 143 free minutes. I had until September 15th to top-up but Virgin Mobile deactiveated it before then.

Now I have lost my number, money, & minutes. They now want me to reactivate it with a different number and zero balance. I don't think so.

They never send me an email, text, or phone call telling me when the cutoff date was. I think Virgin is being sneaky in doing this. I will never do business with them again. 2d9aa5c

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Nov 23, 2011 
It seems as thought I am being ripped off in a similar fashion. Thanks for the post
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Mar 22, 2011 
VM is nothing but crooked. Don't use them.

I just got a $30 top-up stolen by VM. I topped-up 3 weeks ago upon reactivating my phone and all calls would go directly to my voicemail box...the ringer would not ring. So after 6 calls to VM and fighting through their ridiculous phone menu ***, and spending roughly 2 hours with them over a 3 week period, I told them I was fed up and wanted to cancel my phone service and wanted my money back. They won't do it. When I told them that was stealing, they hung up on me. How's that for robbery? They ACTUALLY thought a replacement phone would fix the problem, but the problem was on their end. Branson can bend over and stick his head up his you know what. What can you say about a company that will not give money back to a customer who is annoyed with their incompetence? Pay Verizon for overall great service in the long-run, few hassles, and great coverage. It's worth every penny.
Go with VM, pay a little less and pay big time down the road when you need help from a company that cares nothing about its customers.
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Jan 23, 2011 
I knew the date my service needed to be renewed and added money on THAT day. Virgin Mobile still deactivated my phone and added a mysterious $6.88 charge on top of the $25 I had already added to the phone. Customer service couldn't explain where the extra charges came from and made me buy a $10 top up card to activate it again.
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Sep 13, 2010 
you should know when will be the date that you need to top up or add money to your account to keep your service working. you can check it by yourself by checking your cash balance. even logging in to www.virginmobileusa.com you can check it there .. it's your fault.
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