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Vanderbilt Mortgage - Lets get together and go after Vanderbilt

Company Vanderbilt Mortgage
Product / Service 1998 Doublewide Home
Location Columbia, South Carolina
Category Loans and Mortgages
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Monetary Loss

Well to make a long story short the same thing happen to me 12.99 percent rate i gave them my home i own for a down payment the trade was $30,000 for it plus 2,000 more with it and and the new home is worht $104,000 but after the 32,000 down paymeny they stick me with a 12.99 rate my house end up costing me $158.900 so they stole the house i own and plus the $2.000 out of my pocket i put with the home lets get together and and shut them down by picketing the company please email me at simmons8485@gmail.com like scarface said lets shut the !!!!!!!!DOWN 3046166

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Feb 04  from Eatonton, Georgia
well the same with me when i get done paying i will be 85year old and i have lived in it for five years :cry :( :x :eek
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Dec 02, 2013  from Tennessee Ridge, Tennessee
Read your paperwork. I went through the fin print on mine last week and there is a clause in there that " We can NOT join in on a class action suit against them!!" WTF reason would they have to put that in the loan papers? Well I guess it is because they have something to hide.
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Jul 14, 2013  from Mount Airy, North Carolina
Yes,you right! Vanderbilt Mortgage and their co-owners Clayton Homes needs to be shut down! Also everyone that has been ripped off by them needs to get together and file Civil Action against Vanderbilt Mortgage and their co-owners, Clayton Homes.
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Jun 28, 2013 
Vanderbilt need to be shut down and made to sell all loans.
They are cold hearted
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