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Vanderbilt Mortgage - Complaint

Company Vanderbilt Mortgage
Product / Service Loans
Location Raeford, North Carolina
Category Loans and Mortgages
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I was in a difficult financial situation and I asked vanderbilt for a deferment.I had never been late in 6 yrs since coming out of a chapter 13.

They asked me a lot of questions about my finances like car payments, light bills , credit card payment etc which I thought was irrelevant. The rep said she would call me back later to let me no if I was"approved". No one ever called but one week later I started receiving harassing phone calls about late payments. So since they refused to give me the deferment, I refused to make that payment.

They continue to harass me with at least 5 to 6 phone calls daily.

I actually caught them up a few months ago.My payment is due on 1st, they started calling on 3rd about payment!


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Aug 15, 2013  from Broomfield, Colorado
I have had many problems with this company also. They are jerks. They do not give deferments, they do not change payment dates. There is no grace period on the loans. If you are even one week late they will contact your "emergency contacts" and call and harrass you. I have tried to let them know I would pay a payment on the 15th which is not even two weeks past my "due date" which they will not change, and they called me on the 14th asking where the money was. I have also been admonished because I was "capable" of making my payments on the 1st because I get paid the 1st and the 15th. Sure I can make the payment that day and then not eat, or drive or have heat for the month. I am going to try to pay them off early and get away from dealing with them. The employees are unhelpful power tripping idiots. Basically if you are not 30 days past due there is nothing legally that can be done, so I just continue to pay my payments when I can.
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Jul 12, 2013  from New York City, New York
Vanderbilt calls at least 4 times a day. They startwill calling atfor 8 am till 8:45pm. I will make the payment when i am ready. Their phone calls do not intimidate me !
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