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USPS - Super Annoyed-3 priority packages in transit still

Company USPS
Product / Service Mailing Priority Package
Location Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Category Post
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This is a rare, but really annoying. Not 1 but 3 packages from 3 separate companies are days late being delivered and tracking has not been updated for a week! Usually my USPS packages are delivered sooner than expected.

A friend ordered an item from one of the same companies AFTER I did and has received it already!

What is going on? Can not find any info on postal delays.

Anyone else having this problem?

Why must I type 100 words? Really?
What happen to pony express delivery motto...rain shine sleet or snow?
Six more words to make 100. 2ff8276

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Dec 15, 2013 
I have over 6 packages (all Priority) just sitting in a sort facility for the last 5 days. Packages all should have been delivered by the 13th. Call USPS but don't get any real answers :?

Why pay extra for Priority Mail if it's just going to sit in a sort facility. Also why do they put 2-day delivery on the label if it's going to be 3 days (or more) late?

I understand it's the busy time of year but for a package to just SIT for DAYS is unacceptable.

My local Post Office/Delivery people are great but it's our main sort facility where everything gets hung up everytime. :(
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Dec 14, 2013  from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
I don't blame the delivery men at all. I am fortunate to have wonderful USPS delivery people where I live.

I wrote the original post. All of my packages eventually showed up. Why one was stuck in tracking as departed Phoenix, AZ from Dec 4th and wasn't delivered until Dec 13th I will never know. The odd thing is that all 3 packages were delivered shortly after the sender inquired about them.

USPS upper management may be saving money in the short term with this tactic, but long term, I feel, it will cost them more than it was worth.
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Dec 14, 2013  from Sioux Falls, South Dakota
I am willing to bet that upper USPS management has implemented in a cost saving strategy.....ie consolidated/bulk limited shipping to hubs...there by slowing down the entire distribution scheme......If items are not moving...ie stuck at sort facilities for days all across the US.....it isn't the weather. And it is not your delivery man's issue - he is not getting it to deliver.
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Dec 14, 2013  from Silsbee, Texas
Same problem here..ordered from a company 2-3 day priority (which is not guaranteed)OBVIOUSLY!!! I still have no package. Mailed Dec.9th. Last scan for tracking was Dec.10th from Greenville, SC. Today is the 14th and still no update or package. :(
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Dec 09, 2013  from Copper Center, Alaska
I also have the same problem. Dec. 2 shipped, updated, processed and shipped. Dec. 3. No more updates. The Canada post tracking is the exact same days and problem. Only one of 4 USPS packages have arrived. And my one FedEx package has Arrived FOUR DAYS EARLY!!! But it says USPS signed for my package and no slip in the mail yet. Did everyone just flat out stop working at USPS? I mean *** really!?!? :(
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Dec 07, 2013  from Phoenix, Arizona
Same problem shipped dec 2 hasn't moved after processed through sort facility customer getting antsy might have to issue a refund but getting the package back will be another headache :cry let me know if you receive your items
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