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USPS - Lazy Postal Worker

Company USPS
Location Tampa, Florida
Category Post
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I am legally disabled.I had a certified package delivered last week.

The postal worker drives a truck to deliver mail on our street. She blew her horn, then proceeded to write first attempt on pink slip, as I walked up to her. I retrieved my package. Today, my neighbor is having a yard sale.

Postal worker spent at least 5 min. out at neighbors sale.

This women races up and down our streets with a phone cocked on her shoulder.

She brakes at yard sales and shops, but can't get out of her truck, to do her Job!?! 2ff7dd3

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Aug 05, 2011 
my postman won,t deliver mail today because my truck was,nt completly in the driveway he could pull up to the mailbox but would have to lean out of his truck not get out mind you but lean out!!! :p
Reply to working man

Apr 16, 2011 
tell the supervisor? they dont give a *** either there all protected by the postal service union. this is the whole problem with this country. We can fix it though just create more government jobs. ha ha ha can you say ak47.
Reply to jusjonny

May 01, 2010 
Maybe she is using her break time to shop :cry
Reply to Sherron

Apr 19, 2010 
What you need to do is call your local post office and complain to a supervisor or the postmaster.
Reply to Linda

Nov 10, 2008  from Karori, Wellington
:cry Cry much?

On a more serious note... contact the Post Office (duh!) and make them aware as well as the driver.
Reply to SALLY

Nov 10, 2008 
Does she drive her own vehicle? If so she is a rural carrier. Maybe she doesn't know your needing help coming to get your package. Let her know your not able to walk to her vehicle.
Reply to mom3

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