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USAA donates to The Heartland Institute

  • by   Feb 16, 2012
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Company USAA
Product / Service Group Donations
Location Atlanta, Georgia
Category Life and Casualty Insurance
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Google for current news about leaked documents from an anti-climate-change group.USAA apparently donates to climate-change-denying front group "The Heartland Institute".

Isn't USAA a "member owned" company? What's the point of donating to a group that wants to, literally, work toward "dissuading teachers from teaching science." Don't our kids deserve a real education without teachers being bullied into politicizing everything? Anyway, read: http://www.shawnotto.com/neorenaissance/blog20120214.html. Lots of articles lately about documents leaked from the Heartland Institute including donor lists which include USAA for $45,000 in 2011 and maybe $50,000 in 2012.

I don't get it - why is USAA in bed with the Koch brothers?Shouldn't they just insure my $#!#% car? 305f99c

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Jun 17, 2012 
Dissuading teachers from teaching science is probably not the main goal of this multi billion dollar private organization.

Koch Bros is a liberatarian and conservative policy and advocacy group.

I'm sure you have a bank account... I'm sure you purchase products from corporations in which you have not researched where their donations go. And if you did you'd probably find that the companies they choose to donate and support are not always in line with your political or social views.

USAA is awesome!
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