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US Airways - us airlines fly the us skies scam nashville

  • by   Dec 15, 2010
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Company US Airways
Product / Service Airline Tickets
Location Chicago, Illinois
Category Airlines
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12/13/10 My husband opened a letter with no return address.Inside was a letter from US Airlines Fly the US Skies stating that he had qualified for an award of 2 round trip airline tickets,up to $1400.oo anywhere in the continental U.S.

That they had tried to contact him several times without success, this was their last attempt. Call 1-866-995-9308. Of Course it was signed by none other than VP Barbara Dion. BT-55797 was at the bottom.

BEWARE!after researching online this is a scam.Please don't fall for this. 300e07c

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Aug 06, 2012 
I've got this letter today. Signed by Jacklyn Paul (another fake VP). Phone number to call 1 8663844895. Code at the bottom JX-50864.
Reply to Martin

Feb 27, 2013  from Syracuse, Indiana
I don't understand how much some people can have all of our personal information :?
Reply to big E

Aug 05, 2012 
I was going to call this number, but I don't think I will now! Mine was from Jacklyn Paul(VP) for $1298.00. The phone # was different from others. It was 1-866-384-4895. :? :?

Aug 02, 2012 
I received one good for $1398.00 signed by Renee Cast. The phone number to call is 1-866-481-7306. It looks SO official, but I was still suspicious. I'm glad I looked online and found this site.
Reply to Julie

Jul 30, 2012 
I just received a letter today from US Airlines today & was immediately suspicious. Did not call the number but went to the computer where I find these postings detailing similar letters but a different phone # (866-481-2524); Jacklyn Paul VP was the signee on my letter.
Reply to michael evans

Jul 20, 2012 
I got my letter 07/11/2012 and it was from Oklahoma City. The phone number 1-866-481-0370. I wasn't as important as some of the recipients mine was signed by the "Awards Department". Mine also said they had been trying to call me. It has now been shredded.
Reply to Mary

Jul 20, 2012 
just received mine for $1298.00. with a phone number 1-866-493-9769 must respond before 7-25. Signed Kerry Dyer VP postmarked phonenix Az.
Reply to karen from massachuetts

Jul 10, 2012 
I got my "US Airlines" letter in the mail yesterday. It was post marked Phoenix, AZ. It was good for up to $1,298.00 and it was sent by VP Jacklyn Bing with a phone number of 1-866-759-4702. This scam and marketing ploy has been going on for over 2 years and the only thing that changes is the phone number and the VP's name.
Reply to Florida Len

Jul 09, 2012 
I just received the same letter signed by Jacklyn Bing. The letter was dated June 30th and told me I had to respond by June 11th- handwritten envelope. I actually called and was told they were a travel rewards firm hired by a local travel agent. When I told them I was going to report them to US Air, she laughed.
Reply to bob bontemps in massachusetts

Jul 09, 2012 
I'm mad too...they only offered me $1298...LOL. And a new female signed it...Jacklyn Bing, also a VP.
Reply to Jeff F.

Jun 27, 2012 
I'm mad, they only offered me $1,298.00, everyone else is being offered $1,400.00, what a Scam LOL! :(
Reply to Keith

Jun 18, 2012 
Just got one in the mail myself....Signed by Ashley Hill, no return address, envelope looks handwritten in blue ink, Ph # 1-866-235-5343, postmarked from Phoenix and a code of HR-73980 at the bottom....live in the Chicago area. Of course they only give you two days to reply,they're sneaky little #$@#$, they time it just right....surprised the post office even delivers them without a return address
Reply to CAL

Jun 05, 2012 
I just got one in my husbands name and it was signe by Denise Cale
Reply to Donna gill

Jun 05, 2012 
Wow, I received the same letter yesterday. It seemed suspicious so I Googled the sender's name - Denise Cale - and found these postings. Anytime someone wants to give me something for free that I did not sign up for, I find it very hard to believe.
Reply to Judy from Indianapolis

Jun 04, 2012 
Just received the same letter as everyone else. Mine was signed by Denise Cale.
Reply to Jeff m

Jun 04, 2012 
I got one on June 6th, 2012 from Denise Cole. I was thinking about calling just so could I hear what their tactic is to screw people over but haven't yet.
Reply to Jeff

Jun 03, 2012 
My letter signed by Denise Cale, same as all the above. Rip off for sure. Can people be so dumb to actually give credit card info and bank account into for this??? They must, or this scam would stop.
Reply to jester

Jun 01, 2012 
Received same letter today from Denise Cale - Vice President - US Airlines. Call 1-866-841-1993. HH-48929 code at bottom. No return address. Address on envelope hand written - postmarked from Phoenix.
Reply to Nick in Southern Indiana

May 14, 2012 
Funny how they have a lot of female "Vice Presidents" and no males. Do they think people will trust a female more? Mine was signed by Grace Pell.
Reply to Carol W

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