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US Airways - us airlines fly the us skies scam nashville

  • by   Dec 15, 2010
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Company US Airways
Product / Service Airline Tickets
Location Chicago, Illinois
Category Airlines
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12/13/10 My husband opened a letter with no return address.Inside was a letter from US Airlines Fly the US Skies stating that he had qualified for an award of 2 round trip airline tickets,up to $1400.oo anywhere in the continental U.S.

That they had tried to contact him several times without success, this was their last attempt. Call 1-866-995-9308. Of Course it was signed by none other than VP Barbara Dion. BT-55797 was at the bottom.

BEWARE!after researching online this is a scam.Please don't fall for this. 2ff84e6

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Aug 24, 2013  from San Diego, California
Got one in the mail today, 8/15/2013. Same thing: Call Immediately 1-877-379-7752... voucher value $1,199.00. Looks very realistic. Fly the US Skies. USA Airlines...
Don't be suckered!
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Aug 01, 2013  from Los Angeles, California
I deposited the check without calling, and now I'm RICH!
Reply to Sucka

Jun 04, 2013  from Laguna Beach, California
Just got one today! They sure make it look like you could just deposit that check at the bank! Thank you all who have posted here! It is Amazing EVERYONE who gets one doesn't check and see if it is a scam before proceeding! I guess sitting through one timeshare presentation in your life will make you stay away from any free offers of trips or vacations ever...they are worse than car salesmen and you stick with it because you want your "prize", which ma or may not be given out. If it's too good to be true than it IS too good to be true.
Reply to Melissa

Jun 03, 2013 
This is for a Timeshare presentation. On the back of the check it mentions a "90 minute travel presentation" which will not be anywhere near 90 minutes, they will drive you insane with the hard sell. My guess is they'll force you to stay at one of their properties and charge you for it, which is how they recoup their money and then will take every opportunity to SELL SELL SELL you a timeshare or something else you don't want for an exorbitant amount of money. You probably will get the free flight, after you pay all the taxes and fees, so it'll be slightly cheaper than a flight you could book online, but it won't be a fun trip!
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May 09, 2013  from Murrieta, California
NOTICE it says USA Airlines - there is no such thing! If I were US Airlines I'd be pretty mad at these folks.
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May 09, 2013  from Collinsville, Illinois
the check looks real...it this scram or what? check amount $1199.00 why the *** they would do something like this....what happen if i cash in? do i get in trouble? so i report to police?
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Apr 02, 2013  from Lehigh Acres, Florida
This is my Lucky Day.
Two tickets worth $1350 to US Airlines.
I won the lotto in Ireland and some dead guy in Nigeria left me 50,000,000 bucks. Whoo Whoo
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Mar 31, 2013  from San Diego, California
OK- Got the same letter, $1199.00...Knowing it is a scam, what is the scam part. Data mining? lecture participation? buy something to validate? Or call # and be charged for phone call?
Reply to Gottoknow

Mar 24, 2013  from Montgomery, Alabama
I received one today...for $1199.00 the number they're using is 1-888-736-6785...so sad because I could really use a vacation...
Reply to Kimmie

Mar 19, 2013  from Naples, Florida
I received the same, I knew it is a scam right away but I came online to see if any one fell for it, as a result what happened and found this page. I saw many different 800 numbers reported but not the one I had 1-888-736-2567. I hope recycling this envelop will do good to environment :grin
Reply to Dee

Mar 16, 2013  from San Diego, California
From San Diego, California!! Recieved same letter: Fly the US skies!! ... Check amount $1,199.00. Payable to USA Airlines. No return address... Phone number (877)379-7752. Decided to google this before calling for more info.. Glad I did.. Several websites posted as scam!! Letter is now in the trash!! :p
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Mar 23, 2013  from San Diego, California
Just got mine here in San Diego, CA. The exact same letter as the person above. But, it looks so good, $1,199.00 US Dollars.
Can I at least frame the check?

Thanks Guys & Gals
Reply to Charro

May 17, 2013  from San Diego, California
We got ours today--Lucky us...Guess different parts of the country have different numbers to call. Turned it in to Consumer Bob on Channel 7 and am contacting the postmaster general because it is mail fraud. Stopped answering my landline unless it is family as i get at least 5 calls a day on scams--I have inheirted so much money from Nigaria that I should be living the life of luxury instead of working all day.. :(
Reply to Trisha

Aug 07, 2013  from Los Angeles, California
yea i figured it a scam. what a shame, hope someone does not fall for it.
thanks to all who posted their info.
Reply to roaddog

Mar 09, 2013  from San Diego, California
On march 9 I receive a letter saying i have won 2 round trip airfares to anyware in the continental inside was a check of 1199.00 . so i went to check in the internet and it come back as a scam who in the *** they think they are i hope they get punish for trying to scam people that really work for a leaving like me.
Reply to Mr. Share

Mar 13, 2013  from Prattville, Alabama
Received same thing March 13, 2013. Knew immediately was a scam as I saw so much of this when in banking for 25 years...saw too many customers scammed yet I looked it up on internet to see if others had received same...they had..won't fall for it and hope others will not as well.. ,)
Reply to allofus106

Mar 05, 2013 
Mine came today--3/7/13--number to call is 888-737-3489. Do people REALLY fall for a non-negotiable check from a company that does not exist. This is not US Airways--or any other respectable airline--well, maybe no airlines are respectable these days, but this is definitely something bad.
Reply to kfa

Mar 04, 2013  from South Bend, Indiana
I just got one today In south Bend Indiana, I was just about to call, that's for the info. they are using the same naem Fly The US Skies with 1888 736 3571. same amount 1,999 wow I can believe I was going to call.
Reply to Bronko

Mar 06, 2013  from Elkhart, Indiana
I'm in Elkhart and got the same as you with same phone number. It looked WAY too suspicious so I Googled it and Ta-dah! One scam story after another.
Reply to Klaybee

Feb 27, 2013  from San Diego, California
They are back! I just got mine today for $1,199.00. Same writeup. Their new number is 1-877-379-7752 ---- Beware!
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