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  • by   May 24, 2013
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Company US Airways
Location Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Category Airlines
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Monetary Loss
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I received one of these "Award Notifications" from "US Airlines" the other day in the amount of $1350.00 for 2 round trip tickets to anywhere in the US.Mine came as a 3 sided tear off envelope, the kind you receive checks in.

It had BLUE blotted background and looks very real. This appears to be a check, with even an endorsement area on the back. It has everything on it that would convince anyone it is a legitimate check, numbers on the bottom(routing number, account, and check number), has "Travel Union" with an address (Scottsdale, AZ 85251) as the bank with a number below it, and dated, with amount and written amount, and then a phone number 1-800-476-8606, and signed by Charlette Koehn.
This is a very convincing scam, and I almost called, but was still suspicious because it says in the letter "FINAL NOTICE", and "We have attempted to contact you on several occasions.

This will be your last chance to respond.", which are absolute LIES. This is NOT even an airline AT ALL! US AIRWAYS should SUE this company for using leaching their name.
It's time these scammers get thrown in jail. If I won something without entering any contest, the alone should be criminal by misleading people.

I scanned the whole thing for people to see what the scam looks like, but don't have a way to post it here?It would be nice to show people what these scams look like, so they don't fall for it. 2f2057f

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Apr 01 
Comes in an envelope with no return address. The address portion looks as though it's hand written, but it's actually a computer font that's designed to look that way - don't be fooled. Mine had a postmark indicating it was mailed from zip code 73125, which is Oklahoma City, OK.
The letter has US Airlines in large bold print centered at the top of the page - there is no such airline; but then, the name while including the word "airline" doesn't have to be an airline - doesn't have to be anything at all - it's just letters on a page of paper!
There is no return address listed in the letter portion of the page, as there should be with any "real" business communication.
There is always a "you must respond..." line in boldface print.
You've always won "2 roundtrip airline tickets", but are never told on what airline. There is always a retail value in excess of $1,000 (mine was $1,450.00).
There is always a "we have attempted to contact you..." paragraph, and a phone number you need to call. If you google this letter, all the findings indicate that it's a scam. People who've actually called the number reach a travel agency - I have no idea if anyone has actually received the tickets indicated; most google results don't go any further than the research. Fodors has a very interesting posting at http://www.fodors.com/community/air-travel/us-airlines-award-notificationscam.cfm, where one person actually followed through and posted the results of what happened.
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Mar 28  from Lombard, Illinois
This is not US Airways. They have nothing to do with this. Everyone who can't read should be sued for idiocy!
Reply to Duh

Mar 26  from Madawaska, Maine
I noticed today that the same address that I use with AAA is the same address that was used to send this kourtney powell letter from zip code 73125.
will be giving AAA a call tomorrow
Reply to anonymous

Mar 21  from Chicago, Illinois
got one today. Signed by Kourtney Powell.
Reply to Varun

Mar 20 
I got the same exact mailing today and I figured it was a scam. 1-844-792-7007
Reply to Anonymous

Mar 20 
Mine was signed by Jodee Foster. .lol I received it today
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Mar 19 
Yay! Just rec'd my second US Airlines letter, albeit without a check. That Kourtney sure gets around. Ah, where to fly, where to fly...
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Mar 19 
Forgot to mention when you call, the voice prompt says "Thank you for calling Rewards Center." Nice to know that US Airlines can't afford to send legit letterhead like US Airways can.
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Mar 19 
We called it to mess with them. We got "How do you know Kourtney?" and "Oh she's not available now." Asked to give a claim number, and messed with them some more by giving wrong claim numbers. Then hung up.
The best response was "Well I don't know if you won. I have to look it up." LOL
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Mar 18 
Yep got a cheaply constructed letter also. If they want someone to fall for it, they should get a better printer. Number listed here is 888 306 4779. Thanks Kourt ;)
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Mar 18  from Kingston, Massachusetts
Just got the letter from Kourtney Powell # 1-877-823-9232 never called knew it was a scam
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Mar 18 
Got this US Airlines letter today also from Kourtney Powell for 2 roundtrip tix ($1450) and to call 877-784-8679.
Reply to MASS

Mar 18  from Warwick, Rhode Island
I just received a very convincing letter offering the same round trip tickets for US Airlines, also stating they tried contacting me and this was my last chance. I googled Kourtney Powell, V. President of U s Airlines, as that was the signature. That is when I found out about this scam. Remember....if it is too good to be true, it probably is a scam
Reply to Yorkie mom

Mar 18 
Just rec'd my award letter yesterday and searched my computer for results, and found this site. The letter signed by Kourtney definitely looked like a scam.
Reply to Deb

Mar 10  from Manhattan, New York
I just received check number 1008 signed by Kourtney Powell. Lucky me! Figured it was a scam so called us airways and within a 30 seconds they said it was a scam. Pretty good one if you ask me.
Reply to Steve

Mar 10  from Greenwood, Indiana
Just got mine a couple of days ago curious what bank the routing number is associated with, if any?? Yeah thought about cashing it too, worst that can happen is it gets kicked back.
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Mar 09  from St. Louis, Missouri
I received check #1008 for $1,450.00 thanks to the kindness of Ms. Kourtney Poueell. I truly thought about cashing it just to screw with them for a couple of weeks until it kicks back.
Reply to Not Fooled

Mar 07 
Me, too! #1008 for $1450 "final notice" today signed by Kourtney might be Powell but number to call is 1-877-824-1405. Aren't there laws about committing mail fraud?
Reply to Deb

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