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US Airways - US Air Sucks

Company US Airways
Location Charleston, South Carolina
Category Airlines
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Avoid this airline even if you have to reschedule your trip.These people wring the last penny out of every flight regardless of the impact on you.

The planes are filthy, the employees surly; if you actually need to contact customer service, they will take the opportunity to keep you on hold ten or more minutes while they play endless consumer advertisements which you must more or less listen to in order to try to get your problem fixed. There is no business practice too offensive/obnoxious/rude/annoying that they will not engage in it to make money.

"Rewards" earned on USAir flights are f**k-me-over-again coupons; if you ever accumulate enough tortured flights to get a reward under their cheap tricky reward rules you should be beaten for being ***.Avoid, avoid, avoid. 2e5a8d9

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Mar 18, 2012 
Well; I just got screwed out of 54K miles. They want "a small fee of $250 to reinstate the mileage and don't think anything is wrong about this. If I had paid attention to the tons of junk mail I get, I probably could have gotten these miles back for $9 two weeks ago. Even so, this is wrong. I EARNED those miles. I sent e-mail to customer service and faxed a letter to the CEO. What I got was a smarky telephone response from a woman somewhere between the fax machine and the CEO office basically telling me my business is not appreciated. Funny thing is, JOKE IS ON YOU US Airways.
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