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University Of Phoenix - class action suit

Company University Of Phoenix
Product / Service Class Action
Location Cana, Virginia
Category Education
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Monetary Loss

To whom it may concern:
All you students out there that have had problems with University of Phoenix online taking your money and miss using it or charging you for classes that you did not take and having to pay back all that money.I am trying to obtain a Class Action Against them.

I need to know everyone that wants to be part of it. Feel free to email me at mkizer@triad.rr.com and I will see what I can get going or if you have attorney that you have already obtain.

Please email regarding this matter so I may also get involved.Someone has to start with getting the ball rolling or they will keep doing this. 30b4784

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Nov 10, 2013  from Chattanooga, Tennessee
my daughter signed up for UOP during the summer and started attending this fall. she completed her assignments and received grades on them and then received an email that she needed to pay them what her pell grant and loans did not. she then applied for another loan to pay them. they told her they were direct depositing her money but needed her to send it right back to them asap to cover costs...anyone see anything wrong with that?!!! now, she logs on and sees that they have withdrawn her from her classes and it now says she was never enrolled and never attended class; she had A's in all classes. I am really ticked and would like to be added and contacted on this matter; we would LOVE to be a member of the class action suit.
Reply to fowler121600

Sep 24, 2013  from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
All of you using the U.S. Federal Government to attend school that you never intend on completing. You simply wanted the leftover financial aid. So now you are going to sue for money you never worked for. What a crock of $@&@!
Reply to A. Middleton

Jul 09, 2013  from Bay City, Michigan
Can someone please help me too? I am having problems with the University of Phoenix and I need to know who to contact so I can take action against them....thank you! "itsjanedoe420@yahoo.com
Reply to Serpent

Oct 29, 2012 
I also attended university of phoenix online a few year a go and thought i was the only one getting badly ripped off, im more then interested in joining this class action of a lawsuit...please let me join in as im in debt over my head dealing with this university...i wasent even qualified to join by law since i did not finish high school and my last level of completion was the 9th grade and my enrollment counselor knew this and still kelp quiet about it and enrolled me with no problem at all. I feel as though for that act alone i should not be held responsible for repaying anything and i also feel as though i should be reimbursed in a sense because my credit took a nice blow over this......please let me join this lawsuit, my email address is spacecoast32922@yahoo.com ..................thanks
Reply to antwan

Oct 19, 2012 
To Whom It May Concern,

I currently withdrew from the University of Phoenix. I had scheduled to withdraw following the 5th week of my last class but I had to miss that class due to an illness that required my daughter to visit the hospital (MRSA/STAFF). I was told the absence would be excused if I followed their directions and I did. Then UOP apparently decided the absence would not be excused and changed my status to withdraw. I had maintained an A in that class, so it wasn't because I was not a good student.

I had planned on transferring to Western Governor's University but UOP decided to sent back my federal loan money and make me accountable to UOP to pay for the class they dropped me from. From what I understand with the Higher Education Act, UOP does not have the right to break that contract between the Federal Student Loan Program and myself. Now that they say I owe them money, they are already threatening sending my account to collections and it has not even been thirty days since I withdrew/was dropped from the class. UOP is withholding my transcripts until my account is paid as well.. which means not only will I have to start over, I am still going to be out the thousands of dollars in student loans because of their tactics.

The below information is what I read on a legal document filed in a suit against UOP already.

UOP's act
... Show more
Reply to Kristie

Oct 10, 2012 
Had difficulties with UOP. They have paid fines for fraud and misuse of student funds...what do we get back to help repay the student loans that were funds being misused? I too had problems with owing extra money every 3rd or 4th class...I put my education on hold to serve in the military and tried to re-enroll on the military side of UOP (which is less expensive)...after four months of waiting, I saw a Western Governors University commercial, transferred my UOP credits, and now am attending my commencement on Nov 10th where my BS in Management degree will be conferred By Western Governors University Texas.
Not only would I like to see UOP have to repay some student loan money to STUDENTS or directly to the lenders to reduce loan balances students carry. I can be contacted via the email I have set up specifically for this topic jensuopemail@yahoo.com
Reply to J. Moffitt

Sep 17, 2012 
I want to be part of so keep me informed as well hinklefamily09@yahoo.com I am from West Virginia not the address listed
Reply to Loretta

Sep 17, 2012 
I am being charged for classes I dint take now I cant get my transcripts til I pay
Reply to Loretta

Aug 02, 2012 
charged for several classes not in my program and over charge 15% for entire program
Reply to Kerri

Jul 31, 2012 
Im correcting my city/state. Im in the Dallas Tx area specially in Plano Tx. Also, the amount in question is $2000.
Reply to Valerie Roberts

Jul 31, 2012 
I am dealing with financial discrepancies from the Uophx too. I had to withdrawal due to illness and now they are saying I owe over $20000 for unpaid classes. The claim to have returned my loan amount to the loan provider. I called & verified on the NSLD and no loans for the year is reported. There are no cancelled amounts listed. I want to finish my degree but Will have my transcript held now due to this bogus balance. I would like to take part in this lawsuit. Please keep me informed of what i need to do to participate. You can reach me at sophistication.2012@Gmail.com.

Valerie Roberts
Plano Tx
Reply to Valerie Roberts

Jul 28, 2012 
I don't live in West Fork Arkansas - I live in Mansfield Texas and I can be reach via email at clara.holloway@ymail.com
I would like to take part in a class action law suite that will shut down the Apollo Group and the University of Phoenix for ever!!!
Reply to Clara

Jul 28, 2012 
I have attended classes at UOP online from 2009 to 2011 and I have trouble with having to pay an addition $500 - $600 every 3rd or 4th class on top of the student loans I had already paid to them. On top of that - they said they sent my student loan money back for a math class I had failed and said I had to pay them something like $1700 for that failed class and take it over again. I left and chose not to return to the program. Instead i found that I could attend my local Community College and build my gpa back up and take my math classes that I struggle so hard with - for $52 an hour and get all the help I need. I do agree that their business practices are shady at best and one other thing, there is NO documentation that show us that the online professors are qualified where are their crdentials posted? Are they really masters or PhD's in the subjects they are teaching? I don't really care if I get any money out of a law suit - but, I do want my official transcript released so that I can obtain my grant money to attend the community college and then I can go on to the state University I want to go to.
Reply to Clara

Jul 27, 2012 
I had problems with UOP as well, Looking to start or join suit against them.
Reply to Kayla

Jul 14, 2012 
Very Angry at the UOP. Had death in family and they refused to give me a break but signed me up for another class and charged me even after I told them I couldn't do it.
Reply to Tina S

Jun 12, 2012 
I previously attended UoP and believe that I may have been effected by this as well. If this is still going on, please contact me via email @ sandylu914@yahoo.com I quit school because I failed a class due to the teacher not responding to me. I refused to retake the courses and now still have to pay back the student loans without a degree!!! Grrr....
Reply to Sandy

May 10, 2012 
Please add me to the list,the UOP is financially burden the education world by submitting false information and undisclose information to the individuals that are trying to improve their quality of life by education.
Reply to anitamdockett21@hotmail.com

Apr 24, 2012 
Add me as well, just had their collection agency call me. It was their fault I owe, because they didn't properly verify that I had enough student loans left. Now that I'm over the aggregate limit, I can't take enough loans out to cover the 4 courses they allowed me to take without funding. Now I'm being hit with the bill and they won't release my transcripts so that I can continue to a Master's program elsewhere.
Reply to christie

Apr 11, 2012 
I will also be part of this after 40 thousand in loans now they say I dont have enough to finish and are sending me emails on how to obtain other funding to pay them. I feel ripped off and want someone to investigate the school. Please contact me at thumpermercer@hotmail.com
Reply to Richard Mercer

Apr 01, 2012 
Please add me to the complaint for all of the above reasons.. plus more..

Reply to Tommy R.

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