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United Benefit Service - United Benefit Fraud

  • by   Aug 26, 2008
  • Review #: 132814
Company United Benefit Service
Product / Service Magazines
Location Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
Category Financial Services - Consulting, Marketing
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I had my daughter's account cancelled.They agreed to put the $39.95 back into her account, but it hasn't proccessed yet.

I called Friday. They said they refunded Monday, but that it takes five to ten business days to process. Meanwhile, her account has been hit by another $10 fee from someone called Reward Reservations. Somehow these three companies are tied together: Nationwide Readers Services, United Benefit and Reward Reservations.

Beware, this is not a one-time purchase! They will hit your account with a debit every single month: $39.95 by United Benefit, $39.83 by Nationwide Readers Services, and $10 by Reward Reservations. And our house is being inundated with tons of junk magazines. A word to the wise: Go to the bank and close your account.

Call these three companies and cancel your membership, and DO NOT talk to anyone who wants to sell you something on the phone again--even if they promise you a complimentary diamond watch.

Yeah, right...Do not be duped by fast-talking salesman. 2d22f3e

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Aug 23, 2012 
YESSSS!!!! So, I accepted the magazine offer from PROGRESSIVE READERS (from VA) because I could get access to magazines not only for myself, but for my little one as well. I thought the deal was pretty good, so I accepted. Little did I know that they "speed talk" through the whole "confirmation of purchase" and never do I remember them mentioning UNITED BENEFITS nor IDENTITY THEFT SECURITY ***, so when I called the Benefits place, they said that I had accepted terms with a "sister company" and therefore, that's how they got a hold of my personal information. I was like...WTF!??!?! I sent the cancel order form to them, person at the post office said they would get it day after....and low and behold they said they got the cancellation 7 days later??? So it takes a week for a frikkin letter to get from College Park, Maryland, to Virginia?? Yeah right. SCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM, REPORT AS FRAUD!!!! I wish Lisa Ling could do an insider with them to let the world know of their scamfull business. I'm a future physician, and know I learned the hard way not to get my magazines from them or from any company whatsoever. Highly disappointed. :(
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Aug 22, 2012 
I was also scamed... Im trying to find a phone number to cancel and to try and get my money back but I cant find anything. Can yo please tell me where I can find it. I t would be very much appreciate it!
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Oct 06, 2008 
:( i am so mad i was tricked into thinking that I would get a few magazines for around $20 a month but they charge me $50 and planned to do so every month. Then apparently i was signed up for this united benefit thing and I'm afraid i won't get my money bank.
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